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Locating Lost punctual plugs

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  • Locating Lost punctual plugs

    Hi, I've been to the eye doc about 15 times this year to have pintail plugs removed and installed. I've recently been having a LOT of irritation and feel like a plug is lodged close to the corner of y eye in the duct. I've been to multiple surgeons who said the only way to know for sure is to do surgery, but they can't see anything when they examine my eye. But my eye is visibly red and irritated. Is surgery really the only way to find the lodged plug? There isn't a scan that would locate the plug lodged somewhere? It's really driving me crazy. My eyes are crazy dry and it feels like something is lodged in my tear duct and scratching my eye. I've been uncomfortable for about a month. One doc essentially needled my duct until liquid would pass and it was painful. I'm fairly certain a plug is lost somewhere. What should I do? PLESAE HELP!