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Can the punctal plug go down?

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  • Can the punctal plug go down?

    I had punctal plugs put in my eyes 11 years ago. Recently my eyes have been bothering me, like I could feel the plugs irritating me or something. So I went back to the original doctor who claimed that the plug in my left eye is no longer there. I do not believe him! I akswd him if it's possible the plug could have some how went further into my tear duct. He said no, not possible, they have a "mushroom" head and sit on top. Then he looked at the eye and pressed on that area and I swear I felt it in there. He pressed on the other side too and I felt the other one too but higher up. My question is whether there is any way to tell for sure whether that plug is still in there? I am being tortured with the dry eyes and I want new plugs but I'm afraid to get them because I'm convinced the plug is still in my left eye!!! Also this doctor is terrible. Has alcohol smell on his breath and tells me things that are illogical. He claimed that what I was feeling in the left eye was a chazion getting started but I don't see anything like that around that eye. I think what happened was that when he put them in originally he pushed that one too far or something else happened to cause it to go in further. I don't see how it could fall out. I had him take the right one out and it wasn't easy to get out of there so I don't see how the other could have just fell out. Please help thankn you