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Lotemax dosage?

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  • Lotemax dosage?

    I've been having pain and dryness in my left eye. An ophthalmologist gave me Tobradex and it worked great until the small bottle was used up. He told me it was blepharitis, but I forgot to ask what kind. A friend just gave me a bottle of Lotemax. What is a proper dose and for how long? Also, should I stop using warm compresses until the inflammation is under control? I am taking Elestat and Restasis. Thanks for the help.
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    First, you should not use any medication that is not prescribed for you; as such I will not tell you what an appropriate dose is. You need to get that from your doctor. With any ocular steroid, including Lotemax, there can be a chance of developing glaucoma from the medication so your IOP needs to be monitored closely. There are different schools of thought with regard to application of heat for inflammation. Again, that is something you need to discuss with your doctor. I hope you can find some comfort soon.
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      Its threads like this that scare me.

      Way to much self medication going on.



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