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Voltaren Eye Drops

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  • Hopeful2

    The Voltaren eye drops are NSAIs and should not be used long term. One doctor (GP) told me he and his son used them for a few weeks during allergy season.

    Do you know what is causing your eye pain? Is it from edema, which can occur with dry eye inflammation? Is it burning from meibomian gland dysfunction? Are your eyes light sensitive? Is it eye pain from 'itchy' eyes?

    I think you need to know the source of the pain before you treat it. In the past I have tried steroid drops. They did nothing for my dry eye inflammation pain. I have used cold compresses and saline rinses which offer temporary relief from MGD burning. Most recently, I have used Muro 128 drops (used for corneal edema). I have have found that after the initial burning, the Muro drops made my eye feel the most 'normal'.

    Tankie, what does your eye doctor say about pain management? If you don't think you are getting a 'good' answer, time to get another opinion.

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  • Tankie
    started a topic Voltaren Eye Drops

    Voltaren Eye Drops

    Hi there,

    I've recently started using Voltaren eye drops to help manage the pain from my dry eyes. Does anyone have experience using them or know of any possible side-effects in the event I should use them long term? Thank you.


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