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Will steroids clear clogged glands?

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  • Will steroids clear clogged glands?

    Hello, I used to have clogged glands and MGD. Now when I clean and avoid some things it's much better. But I'm curious to if steroid drops will clear clogged glands after a week or two of usage.


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    Hi Kristie,
    I am in the Netherlands and have met a lot of your Swedish folk who are living here too. Lovely people (I'm American living in the Netherlands). I too have clogged glands and MGD. I just found a good doctor who is helping me (knows more about our problem than any other doctor I ever saw in the U.S. or here in the Netherlands) and she has me doing warm compresses and using TheraTears 6 times a day. I am also avoiding red meat, potatoes, tomatoes and onions and talking Omega-3. Would you tell me what you did to make things better for you? I think I read another post of yours when you were having a really hard time with your eyes and ranting against the Swedish medical system (I seem to remember that one I would love to know what made things better for you. Thanks! Ashley


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      from my understanding steriods will bring inflammation down but in my case over the past 5 years they have not cleared or opened my glands.. i get my glands expressed by my doc monthly, do warm compresses and massage, high grade fish oil 3500mg and take doxy 200mg...good luck!