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Lotemax PF ointment -- anyone try it?

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  • Lotemax PF ointment -- anyone try it?

    I have used Lotemax drops in the past with good results -- except the BAC preservative bothers me. Has anyone tried the new Lotemax PF ointment? Results?

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    yes i am trying it now.. cause i cant tolerate BAK either.. i like it but my doc doesnt want me to use very often. are you still using it??


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      I went to a different doctor, and she said NOT to use the Lotemax PF -- that I didn't need the steroid -- just use Refresh PM. So I did, but it didn't help at all -- in fact, made things worse. So I started using the Lotemax PF again, and the burning is getting better. I think most doctors are scared to death of steroids, even though Lotemax is quite safe. I emailed my doctor where I used to live to get his opinion and he feels using Lotemax on and off (2 months on, one month off) is no problem. IOP should be checked periodically. I am not a steroid responder, so I don't believe I'll have a problem.


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        I'd use it sparingly and careful about using it long term. Other members have gotten complications (glaucoma, cataracts) from lotemax alone. have you tried the gel? i've tried not the ointment - but the gel works for me. i don't know the data on what stays on the ocular surface longer - but the ointment contains petrolatum products, which aren't the healthiest for the ocular surface at all- they can clog up the meibomian glands further. for what it's worth --


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