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About to end FML and now what?

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  • About to end FML and now what?

    Tomorrow is my last day of the FML treatment. I've been using it for three weeks and the improvement in my eyes is incredible. I still have some of those moments where my eyes are itchy, but they're quite rare and have become just a bearable nuisance. Even the redness is gone! And the sort of heaviness and tiredness I felt at the end of the day are no longer there.
    But my fear now is what's going to happen now that I'm going to quit FML? Has anyone kept the improvement after leaving it?

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    After stopping the steroids you may be okay for a while. Ask your doctor about maintaining the results by using it a few times per week and getting your pressures checked. Has the doctor put you on restasis? I use lotemax once a day or every second day with restasis. I get my pressures checked regularly and it hasn't gone up yet. I am willing to risk this to be more comfortable.


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      We don't have Restasis in Spain. I'm going back to the doctor in 10 days, let's see what he proposes for maintenance. Keeping up on steroids frightens me to be honest, even if I get my pressure checked and everything. I was wondering if there's no other way of keeping the improvement.


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        Almost 48 hours without FML and so far so good. Even with the air conditioner on. I'm surprised and keep my fingers crossed.


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