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voltaren eye drops long term?

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  • voltaren eye drops long term?

    I understand you can't use voltaren eye drops long term.

    But what is long term? E.g. two weeks/ a month / 3 months?
    Does anyone know exactly how long one can use it safely ?


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    Hi i found out incase anyone interested.

    2 weeks with close monitoring due to risk of erosions .

    Worked nicely for inflammation but increased eye pressure. it shouldn't but it can in 5-15% of people .
    But it was nice while it lasted


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      What are the erosion risks you talk off? My wife has been using Prednisolone Minims for a long time and is now trying to get off them.
      Dr Toyos in the US had suggested she switch to Accuvail which is an NSAID drop. She brought some back from the US but will run out of these soon. They are not available in Australia so she was thinking of trying Voltaren drops instead.

      As far as we understand NSAID drops carry less risk of pressure increase than steroidal drops. But we had not heard about a risk of erosions. I presume you mean corneal erosions.

      Do you have more information on this?


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        Im not sure about other nsaid drops . How my dr explained it is that the stinging eventually causes erosion on cornea and can affect vision but that is why u have to b monitored.
        It can increase pressure as per voltaren info but very low risk. but it did for me. Im a steroid responder so perhaps thats why.

        I have used pred minims and they were ok apart from eye pressure quick increase in a week.
        I really don't know what else could b used. wish i did.

        Drs down play risks but wen i end up on being the 5-15% so many times i stay clear from risky drugs.
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