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  • Lotemax / Concerns

    I've been having a very random quick sharp pain in the corner of my right eye near the tear duct. It feels like an eye lash in my eye and sometimes it stings? I have zero pain until it happens again but it only lasts a split second. My eye doctor did a thorough exam. He couldn't find anything wrong. He did numerous tests with and without contacts. He did the stain drops , the light slit exam, vision test. I was advised to switch contact solution as it might be a possible allergen causing me issues? No infection either. He didn't do any tests for Dry eyes, maybe he could tell if they were dry just examining my eyes. I'm at a loss for what is wrong. He gave me lotemax to use for 4 days. I filled the prescription but haven't started it yet. I dont have glasses to wear while using the drops. I'm nervous to start them too. Heard the steroids can make this worse.
    I know the Lotemax might help initially but what could be causing this

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