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FML drops causing sore and pain in the eye??

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  • FML drops causing sore and pain in the eye??

    Hello guys, I have been struggling against eye problems since last month. Long story short, my left eye had improved so much and it was only my right eye that was bothering me. So I went to another eye doctor and my right eye was diagnosed with Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC). She then prescribed me FML to treat my gpc, 6 drops per day for a week. At that time she told me to use it on both eyes but I was kind of skeptical as my left eye was feeling fine and no symptoms at all. If my memory serves me right, there wasnt any 'noticable' papillae on the underside of my left eyelid too I guess. Besides, the gpc in my right eye is considered mild.

    Anyway, I didnt argue with her and so I followed her instruction. There wasnt any major changes on my 1st day of FML, it was quite soothing in my both eyes. I did notice little strain/sore in my left eye at nighttime though. 2nd day of FML, I noticed my left eye was kinda itchy and little sore but I neglected it. Not until that night when I gently rubbed my left eye because of the itch, it instantly became red and kind of swollen. The itchiness escalated too but it got better after 20mins. Since then, my left eye has kind of 'relapsed'. I am not sure why but I didnt stop using FML on my left eye until the 4th day.

    My right eye is kind of responding well to the FML though. I am not sure but it does relieve the symptoms abit. As for my left eye now, it is very sore and feels like there is a mild headache inside . Before I started FML, I was on ACULAR ketorolac drops (prescribed by my previous doctor for my dry eyes). The ACULAR drops has 0.1mg of BAK as compared to FML of only 0.04mg of BAK. Thus, I guess my eyes arent allergic to the preservatives ? Then what is really causing all these symptoms in my left eye? I have tried putting the ACULAR in my left eye but it didnt help. What should I do now?

    It has been two days already since I have stopped putting FML in my left eye. Will my left eye resolve on its own? Is my case here common? If you have any knowledge or experience please do share with me. I am returning to my doctor this Friday but I doubt she can solve my case...

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