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FML (Fluorometholone) ?? For Dry Eye and Lid Inflammation

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  • FML (Fluorometholone) ?? For Dry Eye and Lid Inflammation

    Both eyes have lower plugs, TBUT has not improved 4-5 secs (schirmers show good tear production), eyes still bother 24/7 with some days being better than others. OD has given me a prescription for FML (Fluorometholone) as my lids show some inflammation. I can't be sure that my pain is more a result of dry eye or lid aggitation. The theory behind the FML use is that it should help with the lids and possibly the dry eye. Can any body comment on experiences that they have had with FML?

    I figure if this stuff makes a difference then I may have to go to some type of other anti-inflammatory type medication as FML is not good long term.

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    Aaron, have you tried Lacriserts? I am a normal Schrimers, low TBUT post-LASIK guy and Dr. Latkany just started me on them this week. They're just a glorified delivery system for something that's like Refresh Plus, but the time release aspect of it could be a lot more useful than dropping all the time.

    Also, I had some good luck with the FML. Rob in NYC


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      I have not tried Lacriserts. Its seems as though everything I put in my eyes just alters the sensation of the pain I am in. With the FML over the last couple of days I seem to have more of a burning sensation in my eyes, the eyelids appear a little less inflamed. I wish a doc would just give me doxy or mino, I hate all this experimenting with all the little things. Just give me the good stuff right away.


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        Think about why your TBUT is low - you are making tears, there's just not enough "gunk" - oil, mucuous - on the surface of your eyes to hold them there. That's my situation, too. I've been tweaking my routine for two-plus years now. Every couple of months, things get a little better. I still have a lot of bad days.

        Rebecca has talked to me about post-LASIK people "chasing the MGD," i.e. doing what they can to compensate for the damage inflicted on our meibomian glands. Seems to me steroids work on inflammation, fine, but they're not necessarily doing something to hold more tears to your eyes. omega-3's do that.

        I tried FML. I don't think it hurt, but it wasn't doing anything to really make a difference in the dry eye - it may help certain parts of the issue. I take doxy. It makes me gassy, but I'm not sure it helps a lot either. Though I'm definitely not going to be at risk for anymore blepharitis!

        I hope that the more things you try the more you will begin to develop a ritual that works for you, that gives you more better days than bad ones.


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          Thanks for the reply Rob, much appreciated!


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            The FML was for lid irritation, not the source of the dry eye. I was on it for two months, perhaps a year ago. People here will tell you, be careful around the steroids - they're powerful stuff.

            One of the pitfalls I ran into with this problem was with the amount of drugs I ended up on. I live in NYC, prob have seen seven or eight good eye docs here. Everyone has something different to say - not "good" or "bad," just different.


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              I think I will go off the FML as it seems to be making my eye pain and dry eye worse. I'll have to call the OD and see what the next option is for me. I think I need to be referred to a new Opthamologist that specializes in dry eye. hopefully I can find one that wants to help. This Lasik Dry Eye is a %&#^@!


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                It sure is a @#$%^&.

                Two days ago I was feeling an overwhelming amount of anger toward my surgeon (mind you, my surgery was in 2006) and I found some stuff that Ian, a moderator, had written, and it made me feel better, so I got in touch with him.


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