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  • Alrex

    My doc prescribed me Alrex today and I'd be interested in peoples' opinions on it. My dry eye is relatively mild, but it is annoying and affects my vision. The plan is to try these drops every day for a while and see if there is benefit, if I feel 100%, we try to taper down to using the Alrex twice a week or so and doing that indefinitely. If things are not better or only a little better, we go on to Restasis. He told me that if the Restasis works, you don't stay on it forever, it does something permanent and you wean off of it after 3 or 6 months or something. I'd never heard that before.

    I'm a little nervous because it sounds like the steroids make some people worse and they have side effects in the long term. I asked about this but he blew it off for the potency and duration we'd be talking about.

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    I have used Alrex in the past. Initially it worked very well, but then not so much. Alrex is the lightest steroid on the market and studies have shown that it is relatively safe even for long-ish term use. However, it is my understanding that the benefits of steroids for dry eye last for as long as you use the product.

    As for going on Restasis for 3-6 months then stopping, I have never heard that before. In fact, Restasis can take up to 6 months to work. I always understood that if it works for you (and it does not work for most), you are on it indefinitely.


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      I have been on Alrex for about 8 weeks now while on Restasis simultaneously. I noticed an improvement a few days after starting the Alrex. Be sure to get your eye pressure checked after 4-6 weeks for any side effects.

      I believe Alrex chased off the rest of my blepharitis but it does not seem to have positively impacted my meibomian glands. They are still inflamed and need me to squeeze oil out of them... for about 5 minutes of relief...

      I'll be on Alrex for another 2 months and on restasis indefinitely.

      I just wish there was some way to get my inflamed glands to cool down. How come we can treat inflammation in the intestinal tract but we can't seem to do much for glands that are basically on the outside of the body?


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        I used Alrex for a couple of months at least, but it did not make any noticeable difference. My eye doctor did say, however, that it was a mild steroid that was safe for long-term use. As long as you get your pressure checked regularly, and are cognizant of any changes in how your eyes feel, I wouldn't worry.

        When I first developed bad dry eye, I was on Flarex (a stronger steroid), which I think did help. But I only used it for 2 weeks.

        I've been using Restasis for 8 months and I don't think it's having an effect. I'll probably continue for another few months and then stop.

        (The only thing that has a noticeable effect on my symptoms is Azasite. I'm uncomfortable with using it long-term, but if I don't use it, my worst symptoms return right away.)


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