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    The Restasis actually doesn't bother me very much. It stings a couple minutes after putting it in, but for a pretty short amount of time and it's tolerable. My right upper eyelid though usually feels heavy over the long-term, and sort of "sticks" to the top of my orbital bone (like below my eyebrow). It's a very strange side-effect that I have not been able to find anything about anywhere. I'm thinking that maybe my eyelid gets a bit swollen actually.

    I was trying to avoid putting anything in my eyes because it was such a bad flare-up that I just didn't know what to do. I know everything takes time to work, or for symptoms to die down, but it's really hard to be patient when going to work and using a computer for 10+ hours a day is sheer torture. So this weekend I just tried to avoid anything that might be causing a negative reaction.

    I do agree with you though regarding restarting the Restasis ASAP, and I very much appreciate the advice / support.


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      I know what your going through as I am going through the same thing. I have an honours degree in business, went to university for 4 years and I work at a hair salon because right now I can't do the computer thing. I am getting fitted for sclerals in about ten days and PRAYING they will help me to at least be able to do part time on a computer to get my career back.

      You are one of the lucky ones Restasis doesn't bother. The first few months for me weren't fun. I am just beginning to be able to use it without the burning and intense redness I used to have for hours after use. My doctor keeps telling me my eyes are to inflamed to go off of it. He said if I do they may get worse. He also said it can take up to one year for full effects. I almost quit again recently but I am to scared of getting any worse.

      I want my life back.


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        I have a very similar background, and have a great job I am terrified of losing. I have bad dreams where I need to quit, and become a waiter or construction worker (no disrespect to those professions, I've worked as the first while in school).

        I really hope the sclerals work for you! I don't know much about them but nobody at our young age should have our life and ambition limited by this disease. Best of luck!


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          Originally posted by Faith1989 View Post
          I know what your going through as I am going through the same thing. I have an honours degree in business, went to university for 4 years and I work at a hair salon because right now I can't do the computer thing.
          Question: I've always told myself that if I took a break from all computers, cell phone, TV, etc., for say 4-6 weeks or 4-6 months, my condition would heal. I also think that my condition was induced by heavy computer usage (my previous job worked 80-100+ hour weeks, all at the computer), but I do have high ANA readings (though not Sjogrens). Have you noticed any improvement from the lack of computer usage?


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            Honestly I still use my iPad all the time at home and watch to much tv lol so I really haven't taken much of a break. I know I can't handle eight hours of it right now though. Maybe after the sclerals I will start something part time if I can even tolerate them , some people can't. I don't see it happening any time soon. It's sad but I feel like I am used to my life being like this... I don't remember what it's like to be "normal" I used to be popular, lots of I am at home whenever I can be to avoid flare ups. If I had one wish it would be to be able to not think about my eyes anymore because its taken over everything.


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              I know what you mean - I think the people around me are sick of hearing about my eyes, but to me it is all consuming. To them I look perfectly healthy, and so it's hard for them to understand that I am in constant pain and discomfort.

              I would HIGHLY recommend that you try Gunnar Glasses for your iPad and TV. Once I discovered those, I could use a computer, watch TV, etc. for as long as I wanted and had no issues. They are tinted yellow though, and look silly at work so I tried punctal plugs and since then everything went downhill. I still need my glasses, but they aren't nearly as effective as they used to be.



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