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Scared to stop Lotemax...

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  • Scared to stop Lotemax...

    I have been on Lotemax for almost two weeks now. I had been suffering from red eyes due to what I think was contact lens overwear, and my optometrist gave me Neo-Poly-Dex drops for 5 days a few weeks back. My extremely uncomfortable dry eyes started after stopping the Neo-poly-dex drops. I visited an ophthalmologist about 2 weeks later who wasted no time in putting lower plugs in, giving me Lotemax for 4 weeks, and Restasis 2x daily. It's been almost 2 weeks on this regimen. I still have dry eyes, but they are whiter and more comfortable than before when I was at my worst. I am waiting to see if hopefully the Restasis kicks in, although I know it takes months. I know right now the Lotemax is helping, but I am scared that at the end of the 4 weeks I will have more terrible dry eye. Is it a must to taper off Lotemax, or can I safely just stop at the end of 4 weeks? I plan to call the doctor with my concerns before the 4 weeks is up. I know I have another refill of Lotemax there incase, so maybe I can use that to taper off.

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    This is an old post, but hopefully you will see it. My eyes started after the Neo Poly Dex drops too, I'm wondering, were you itchy at all in your eyes? That's what happened to me, I became super dry irritated and itchy after stopping the Neo Poly Dex. Granted my eyes burnt a ton on them as well. Only thing that takes away some of the Severe burning is Zyrtec for me.

    I am on Lotemax currently and feel as if it is working, the major pain and symptoms feel like they are just background noise at this point. Still very uncomfortable, but much less so.

    How did going off the Lotemax go? How are your eyes now?


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