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  • Xiidra

    I have been taking Xiidra for one month and am pretty sure I am going to stop. I am wondering what others' experience has been?

    I suffer from MGD. Xiidra seemed to have a neutral effect for the first three weeks--it neither helped nor hurt. But around week 4, it has made my lid margins feel sticky, like Xiidra has built up a sticky residue that inhibits the flow of oil. In all, I have not experienced any appreciable improvement in my dry eye symptoms from taking Xiidra, but rather, now it seems like it is making my eyes worse. I recall that Restasis had a similar effect.

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    Ericdinn, I've been using Xiidra for five weeks and I felt a slight improvement in my symptoms during the first three weeks. However, during the past two weeks, I reverted to my usual pain and discomfort. I have noticed that my upper lashes are encrusted in a sticky residue which is difficult to remove and I've been experiencing eyelash loss in the past two weeks. So, I also think that perhaps the lid margins (and therefore the meibomian glands) are blocked by this residue and thereby inhibiting whatever little oil I produce. I suffer from severe atrophic MGD.


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      Here's my experience:


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