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Fish oil and flax seed oil vitamins

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  • Fish oil and flax seed oil vitamins

    Hi there! I am 26 years old and clinically depressed due to my dry eyes; Iím a woman and itís even worst cause I canít wear makeup, but something so easy work for me and I want to share it with you guys.

    someone on another post in here told me just to try vitamins to see that would help, it did, Iím specifically taking flax seed oil (3000 mg a day) and fish oil with omega 3 (3000 mg a day too) recently I added vitamin A and code liver oil a pill a day (I think itís about 500 mg of each a day).

    I marked my calendar when I started with my vitamins and I can, with confidence, say that they totally got A LOT BETTER after 2 weeks with this regimen. Iím also doing hot compresses at night and deep cleaning with warm water everyday..

    I barely use use any eye drops now, I canít wear makeup but at least I donít look like Iíve been crying all night long!

    Im guessing I developed some type of allergy to the Genteal Gel that I used to love so much but thatís okay cause I donít really use it anymore.

    I would recommend anyone whoís desperate like me to just try it, it wonít harm your eyes to take vitamins, maybe try it for a couple of weeks or a month and if you feel doesnít make a difference just stop taking them. They are not expensive and I believe itís worth the try!

    Iím thiking that I was not getting better cause dry eye produces inflammation, and at the same time eyes are dry because of the inflammation, so it was a never ending circle, and now that Iíve treated my inflammation my eyes donít hurt anymore.

    let me know if you try it and if it works for you I would love to know that I helped someone