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Some Eye Cleaning Tips - Blepharitis

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  • Some Eye Cleaning Tips - Blepharitis

    Hi everyone, been a long while since I last posted in here, but I've come back to update you all on my progress. As some of you may already know (oldies) I developed eye problems linked to Accutane and especially blepharitis. My condition has after several years improved enough e.g. hardly any burning eyes or soreness like before to only a little discomfort now and then e.g. bit of eye dryness and eyelid veins which I cover with make up and lubricant eye drops for dryness. Although I am not fully healed which will be unlikely now, I am very grateful since things could have been a lot worse. So I've decided to share a few eye care tips with you all;

    Disposable eyelash wands - I buy 100 pack ones online. Before washing eyes , use these to clean eyelid margins and eyelashes thoroughly by moving side to side..downwards etc to loosen any flakes or dust or dead skin etc.

    Flat headed make up brush - this can be used to massage eyelids after or before compresses to loosen oils and massage lids without poking your eyes out with your fingers or using floppy ear buds.

    Tea tree Shampoo - I use this on a cloth to rub my eyelids lashes and eyebrows with 3 times to make sure they'e free from any flakes oil etc and rinse my eyes with water each time.

    Muslin cloth - I'm a fan of this face cloth as it provides enough very gentle abrasion to clear both my skin and eyelids and lashes of any flakes dust dirt or oils and also helps massage and unblock any oil glands in the eyelids.

    The above are all about your personal preference when it comes to cleaning and taking care of your eyes and skin but I hope some of it helps some of you out with your daily eye care routine and eye health.

    Jenn x

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    Thanks for sharing! I'm also a long term accutane dry eye sufferer, have you had any success with diet/ detox, I think this is the best option for accutane as I believe its still in the body still activating etc. I just wrote a post here: