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Intense Saline Solution eye washing reduced my eye inflammation

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  • dryeye99
    How interesting. I myself have tried saline sprays but right now Tea Tree eyelid wash twice daily has cured my dry red painful eyes thank goodness ! Blephadex was too much so I have been successfully using Tea Tree wash from Trader joes shampoo full strength across closed eyelids in my shower letting the suds sit for a minute and rinse off in shower or over a sink. Gentle application, gently soap across lashes, gently splash water and gently pat dry. Never rubbing. Iíve done this for a year and solved my dry red scary painful eyes with a huge bottle for less than five dollars. hth

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  • Hokucat
    Thatís great that intense saline wash helped you! In the dry eye community, some of us do saline rinses but to my knowledge, not at that intensity. Am not sure you should do it every day at that level, as it could wash away whatever natural tears you are producing. Check if they are using preservative-free saline, and if itís buffered or non-buffered. PF should always be used, if available. Buffered is often more comfortable in the eye, but some people prefer unbuffered.

    I periodically do a saline rinse at home, but only several drops. I use Purilens PF Saline, which is buffered (which is what I use to fill my sclerals). Itís most economical to buy 12-pack boxes of 4oz. Purilens bottles:

    There are also buffered and unbuffered smaller size vials used by the dry eye community. This forumís Dry Eye Shop has several to choose from:

    Congrats that you found something that helped, and thanks for sharing that, Edmund!

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  • Intense Saline Solution eye washing reduced my eye inflammation

    I am just starting my journey but have had intense eye inflammation recently. I felt like my eyes couldn't do any healing because they were so inflamed.

    Im in China at the moment in Guangzhou which is a city of 10-15 million people and I went to one of the largest hospitals and talked to the "old age dry eye expert". He didn't have anything helpful to say to me other than I had a lot of inflammation, but my eye still looked OK, no damage. Which is a relief to hear.

    BUT, he said, go get a long eye wash out with saline solution, it will make it feel better.

    So I went to the other room and they had a huge 5 gallon looking bag of saline solution above a dentist looking chair. They put a funnel on one side of my face, started pouring the saline solution in my eye, opened my eyes, flipped my eyelids out and poured all in and under my outturned eyelids, top and bottom and then opened my eye and poured it on my eye for 10 more seconds. Each eye maybe 30-45 seconds, hard to know how long.

    It was very uncomfortable but not painful, just a strange experience.

    Afterwards my eyes felt great. I went for a walk, came back home, looked in the mirror, my eye inflammation was almost completely gone. From fire truck red to a healthy light pink.

    I will go everyday and have this done if I can until I go back to the united states.

    Does anyone know if huge bags or bottles of saline solution can be bought in the USA?

    This is something that really worked for me today, from a bad eye day to a good eye day. Every bit of knowledge helps.