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Small changes that have helped me/things I've observed.

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  • Small changes that have helped me/things I've observed.

    I signed up for the forums mid-August of this year, when I was on vacation and feeling very crummy. Upon returning home, I began observing several things that I'd like to share, which may (or may not) be helpful in tackling dry eyes. Note: I suffer from MGD and aqueous deficiency.

    1) I live in the Southeastern portion of the States. When on vacation in August, I was in the Midwest. Naturally, the former is more humid, while the latter can be drier. I realize that moving is neither ideal, nor doable for everyone. In that case, I think it's definitely important to pay attention to where you live and accommodate for any climate-related imbalances.

    2) Just as many suggest, staying hydrated [water (juices for me)] is key.

    3) Hormonal imbalances seem to affect this condition. Think menopause. If I'm not mistaken, women are affected by dry eye upon entering menopause. I am 25, to put this into perspective, and am definitely not entering that stage of my life. So, if you're in the same boat as me age-wise, it may be wise to check with your doctor about any potential hormonal imbalances occurring.

    4) Don't be afraid to wear sunglasses in the store. No one will care, and it'll keep the dry air from hitting you directly.

    I still use Restasis and Xiidra, although I've cut down on Xiidra to once a day. I also use Systane eye ointment at night. Otherwise, my eyes are 95% better as compared to where I was while vacationing in the Midwest just a month ago. Taking the steps I've mentioned has helped improve the quality of my eyes, and my quality of life over all. Again, these are merely suggestions/things I've observed.