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Dark bags under eyes & Inflammation! Peptides???

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  • Dark bags under eyes & Inflammation! Peptides???

    Hello everyone. Like many of you, I randomly got hit with this life changing disease. I'm curious if anyone here has or had dark bags under their eyes? This is honestly worse to me than the dry eyes to me! This systemic disease has created some dark black bags under my eyes and people don't even recognize me . It has me falling into the dark lairs of depression and anxiety. My worst symptom here is actually watery eyes and inflammation around my eyes.

    And words of advice here?

    Things I'm doing:

    - Lots of water
    - Omega 3's
    - Flaxseed Oil
    - Vitamin D
    - Blinking exercises
    - Heat mask 2x a day
    - Daily Organic Tumeric

    I eat a very very strict diet plan with no sugar and gluten.

    I've been to many ophthalmologists and have had lipiflow done. It "helped" me for maybe a week, tops. When I say helped, it took me from a 2/10 to about a 3.5/10 for a couple days.

    I'm a business owner and ontop of that, I'm a gym owner. I own and operate 4 fitness facilities. People now look at me completely different. Its truly difficult as I deal with people every day, but I now try to work from home as much as possible. This disease hit me hard on August 26, 2018.

    I'm trying to stay positive and I'm sure you've all been there.... But if anyone has any advice on how to help with ocular inflammation, I would be so very grateful.

    Also, has anyone else ever thought about taking peptides? They're mostly used in the bodybuilding scene. However, I'm going to be taking two different kinds of peptides that are focused on healing. They both have healing properpties from a celular level and their main focus is healing leaky gut, inflammation & injuries.

    BPC - 157
    TB - 500

    I will be taking both of these.

    Thanks everyone. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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    Oops. Posted in wrong topic. Sorry guys!