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How I am treating my dry eyes

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  • How I am treating my dry eyes

    About 3-3.5 months I was diagnosed with dry eye - my only symptom was light sensitivity and at times my eyes would feel glassy this happened like for a few seconds while driving. Light sensitivity on some days is very very painful. My first schirmer scores 2 months back showed ~7mm in both, and most recently showed 5mm and 4mm - scary! Every other test is good and normal except some lipid deficiency in one eye. Ophthalmologists didn't think too much of it. They found my basal tearing reduced but reflex tearing is okay apparently so not sure what is happening!!

    I use my computer 10-12 hours a day since that is my profession and have a lower blink rate something that I have improved - doctors said this shouldn't cause the acqeous tear deficiency to happen!

    My dry eyes began developing during a ketogenic diet and I saw on many forums a restrictive diet like ketosis caused dry eye in a few people but it usually resolved by itself after they started eating normally and supplemented with Omega-3... I still strongly think it is some micronutrient or vitamin deficiency that triggered my condition because the timing overlapped with what I believe was quite dehydrated body during ketosis, and very heavy exercise. However after normal food and rest it still persists.

    My blood tests have come out negative (basic tests like ANA, ESR, CRP) for Sjogren. We don't have the Sjo test here in my country so I guess we will have to wait and check again - I do not have dry mouth - not sure if it is psychosomatic but after reading online I sometimes get scared I am experiencing some symptoms but they go away when I don't worry

    Unaware of what is causing my dry eye besides artificial drops I am using these and these seem to help:
    1. Curcumin supplement 600mg 2 times a day (Immune Health + reduce eye inflammation)
    2. 1500mg of Omega 3s 2 times a day
    3. Peony Extract 600mg once (Immune Health)
    4. Maquibright 60mg once (says can help tear production)
    5. 60000 IU Vitamin D3 once a week (my vit D levels were very low)
    7. Liver cleansing pills

    Alternative Therapies that are helping:
    I am a man of science so the approaches I am using are scientific to some degree or atleast they help me

    Acupuncture - 2 times a week - after first session one of my eyes momentarily started tearing and went to normal for about 1 hour and my eyes have been tearing more than usual now- I was positively surprised - most recently I had a "healing crisis" and my eye pain increased - fast forward a few days I am less sensitive to light and needing drops fewer times every day

    Sub-concious Healing - Telling yourself and repeating in your head - "my negative thoughts, fears and pain are getting burned and erased" "I am healing and my symptoms going into remission". The subconcious can heal if you want it to heal you - it is very strong. There are stories of people surviving multiple nuclear blasts, a plane crash, curing autoimmune diseases check out some TED talks if you are a westerner (the east usually knows and leverages the subconcious to heal) and find this bogus.

    Yoga - Google Pranayama and palming helps reset eyes and is a good form of biofeedback.

    In my culture, mind and body are connected and mind can heal the body and vice versa. I had some weird symptoms in 2013 and within 3 days healed myself only with positive thoughts - I have no explanation for that. Even if it doesn't work, this will reduce stress - and stress is known to compound problems- so nothing to lose.

    I will be healing my gut soon with probiotics, increasing iodine, magnesium as well just FYI

    I would say in the last 2 weeks I am 30% improved.

    Will check back in after 3 months once I am completely healed and drop an encouraging message - most people who recover usually don't share, they leave which leaves medical science unimproved and cures undiscovered. One accomplished ophthalmologist actually told me a number of people actually recover from dry eyes - we only hear about those that don't. Anyway best of luck hope this helps

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    Thank you so much for your post. Looking forward to your update.


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      Thank you for posting this. On the chance you come back sooner than three months, do you have the names of any specific TED talks about how to leverage the subconscious for healing? I'd be interested in watching them. I have had acupuncture for other issues and found temporary relief of dry eye too. Will have to try it again.


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        Update: Had another consultation with my opthalmologist - she stated vitamin d levels can cause dry eyes in people and she knew mine were low. My light sensitivity has reduced and reduced eye pain - I think I am still at 30% better atm. I have been having some odd symptoms in my jaw tightness near my ears when stressed. No idea if I have Sjo or what is going on... She said she doesn't think that since reflex tearing values and many other tests were all normal except schirmer I values. For some reason after she said that my tight jaw loosened but still have lingering tightness usually when I am worried - really no clue what is going on. I have to practice what I preach and be positive and heal

        I found these TED talks helpful:

        A prerequisite to healing is reducing stress and I need to stop stressing. Following auto-suggestions like those I outlined above are important too

        Also laughing is important. You have to shift your mind away from the problem, I know it's hard and even I am learning.

        But overall I think try to control what is in your control - your mindstate, your reactions to things and your eating habits.


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          I thought I’d chime in since you mentioned probiotics. My dry eye was also diet induced. I had been drinking nothing but soylent, eating junk snacks to fill in the gaps and was getting very little sleep for the better part of a year. Needless to say, I threw my gut out of whack. I had severe acid reflux/heartburn and ended up losing even more sleep. A few months after these symptoms, I started to develop recurrent styes which I later learned were block meibomian glands. I’ll fast forward. Today, I am experimenting with diet. I’ve had a lot of success. With simultaneous expression, I have had no dry eye symptoms, but the redness persisted until I cut out fat almost completely. I had multiple days where I was eating veggie meals where the redness was completely gone and the meibum was flowing effortlessly. The redness came back within an hour of me eating some farm fresh eggs and worsened after some chicken. Why I wonder did the inflammation cease and come back so suddenly after consuming high amounts of fat? I have a hypothesis... my microbiome is out of whack, unable to digest fat without things leaking into my bloodstream (look up leaky gut syndrome). I am taking detailed daily logs of my eyes and stool and am meeting with a naturopath soon. Once I get things on track, I’ll try not to be lazy and get a post going on my own with some juicy details. This is science. Science always has an explanation and solution. Dry eye has various underlying causes, but I think this is the most underrated one. Peace, folks.
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