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  • What to post in this forum

    Post here any and all high points that others could be encouraged by... big or little!

    • A change of attitude (yours, or that of someone supporting you)
    • A good week, a good day, or even a good hour, and how it happened
    • A defining moment when something turned your dry eye care plan around in a key way
    • A product that is helping you, or a new way to use the same product that is making a difference for you
    • A caring person whose compassion made your day
    • A conversation that helped you
    • A seemingly trivial practical tip you read that made a real difference to you
    • A new doctor that really helped you in some way (and how you found them)
    • A news report that shows awareness of dry eye is increasing
    • A book that gave you new ideas or new hope
    • Etc.

    You can post as frequently as you want, and provide as little or as much detail as you want. It can be short or long. Just a sentence or two is absolutely fine.

    Also, don't forget to POINT OUT to me any threads posted in other forums that you think are encouraging, so I can copy them there for ease of reference.

    We all need encouragement.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Zone

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    post here?

    hi Rebecca :-) would it be appropriate to post my successful outcome in treating my ocular rosacea? I think it is in the my dry eye story boards? Beautiful day here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest eh? Lynnie


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      Absolutely -- thanks & will do! Glorious day indeed... I'm staring out at the Olympics as I type. It's definitely November, had to scrape ice off my windshield this morning. It's nice to be living in a climate with 4 seasons again!
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Zone


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        Success story

        I wanted to post a success story, but wasn't sure how to go about it. We've talked before. I had lasik about 7 years ago. I'm now out of the terrible dry eye stage, though I've developed ocular rosacea and bleph. But I'm so much better now; able to go to school full time and work full time. I'd like to write a longer post. How do I post it? Sorry to bother you with this, I am so dumb when it comes to negotiating bulletin boards. Thanks again.
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          Please inform people to give witch hazel a try for puffy eyes, inflammation, and redness aka blepharitis... it's the only thing that has offered relief for me in 10 years. The only thing that deflated my puffy eyes and seems to help with the redness of my eyes also (perhaps the anti inflammation part).. it's an all natural, gentle, anti inflammatory, and astringent. It helped with my blepharitis.. which is inflamed/dry eyelids. The worst thing you can do to your eyes and eyelids if you have blepharitis and dry eyes is to wash your eyelids with baby shampoo or lid scrubs because this washes off your natural and necessary oils which in turn cause your eyes to be even more dry.. when i stopped doing that it helped immediately. Sadly, doctors dont know this and tell people to use them. You apply witch hazel with a cotton ball to eyelids, upper and lower, careful not to get in the eye and let it dry. Once in the morning and once at night but as often ad needed or wanted throughout the day as a picl me up. I find it moisturizing as well. This Is my experience and I hope it can help others. Also the only eye drop I like is Thera tears.

          No prescription or doctor visit required and is very inexpensive and easy to find.

          Thank you,

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            T.N. Dickinson's Astringent, 100% Natural, Witch Hazel 16 fl oz (473 ml)


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