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    I just got O.K.'d to use this website. Today I bought motorcycle glasses/goggles to use during the night. That is when I have all the trouble. So far I have had to waked up 4 to 5 times during the night to administer drops so I wouldn't have an erosion (I believe that is what it is called). During the day I have very little problem, although my doctor told me to put in drops 4 times a day. I have started doing that but I don't think it is changing what goes on during the night.
    Yesterday, I spoke with Rebecca on the phone. She was very helpful and cordial. I certainly appreciate her kindness.
    I started using the GenTeal drops and gel. Before I was using Refresh and Systane.


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    Hi Gerry, welcome to the website! You have found a great support system in this site. I don't post too often but I really enjoy all of the helpful hints. It's all trial and error...what works for some may not for others. It is a frustrating and puzzling dilemna for all of us but we just get through it by supporting each other. Sounds like you are on the right track by giving the goggles and new drops a try. I currently am on a regimen of Restasis 2 times a day and use Genteal gel almost exclusively. It feels good all day long to me and cuts down on the erosions and burn. At night, I glob it in and sleep fairly comfortably. Haven't tried goggles yet but may give it a shot. Let us know how you get along and as you try new things, pass it on to us! Robin


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      Welcome Gerry

      I just wanted to welcome you to the site and feel free to vent anytime lol, it helps. Everyone has been amazing!!! Welcome Delilah