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  • Lori

    I just joined the site and wanted to know if anyone had found any alternative treatments for recurrent erosion syndrome. A year ago I poked myself in the eye with a mascara brush and have been in discomfort and pain. At first alpha lipoic acid supplements kept the pain away, but doesn't seem to help as much anymore. I'm considering laser treatment, but have heard it's painful and expensive. Has anyyone had success with the laser treamtent?

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    Hi Lori, welcome to Dry Eye Talk!

    We have had various reports over the years that Dwelle has helped patients recover from RCEs. It may be worth a try, especially if the alternative being considered is surgical. You can get a sample for $3.25 here.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation


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      Hi Lori,

      Dwelle helped me recover from a nine-month stint with RCE. Obviously your mileage may vary but, knock wood, I haven't had an erosion since the end of Feb. 2002.

      My RCE does not coincide with an accidental injury. Those darned mascara wands. I've poked myself more than once with one but was never the worse for wear after a few hours. I remember that it hurt like the devil.

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        Hi Lori

        I used to suffer from terrible RCE even without hurting myself in any way. Usually, I would wake up with it and then suffer all day. I find that if I use Dakrina during the day, then Dwelle in the evening and GenTeal Gel just before bed, I have been able to keep them under control. It would not take much for me to get one if I did hurt myself either. I could manage to do it with a Q-tip when I was doing eyelid scrubs. But I have had really good luck for nearly the past year.