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my eyes are driving me crazy

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  • my eyes are driving me crazy

    Hi! I am new here! You will notice immediately that I am not a native speaker, so please be patient with my english
    I am suffering form dry eyes since august. Everything started when I tried contact lenses for the first time. I just used them for one month and then I gave up because they caused me so much discomfort. Anyway, afterwards I noticed that my eyes are swollen a little bit and my doc told me that they are dry and gave me Gen Teal. And here the real problems started. My eyes hurt a lot and were really swollen especially in the morning but also during the day. My doc told me that it was an allery and gave me cortison and other stuff against the allergy. It did not really help. So I tried a lot of different drops and also docs but nothing helped and they all told me the same things: allergy and dry eyes. I never had problems with allery before, with dry eye neither. Now I know, or I think to know that I don't tolerate Gen Teal Gel, and I think that the same applies for other drops, especially the viscous ones. Now I do not use them anymore and my allergy symptoms are gone but it took me quit a long time to figure this out. Anyway the dry eyes remained and it drives me crazy. I really don't know what to do anymore.
    My main problems are the itching and burning of course and the swellings. I just can't stand the swellings any more. It is so terrible. It does not go away anymore. In the morning it is worse and I am alway hiding behind my glases. I don't dare to go out without my glases anymore. My eyes are not red.
    I have the feeling that the doctors don't understand the problem or they just don't care. Now, after 6 months one had the idea to send me to a specialist but of course I have to wait another couple of months to get an appointment. After the incident with gen teal I have panic to try new things and as I oviously do not tolerate gels I am just using watery drops with very little in it. I asked my doc about plugs but he just told me that he would not do it because I am too young. maybe I will ask him again. I just have to do something because it is really driving me crazy.

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    Welcome. I am sorry for the misery that brought you here. Sometimes one just has to try every drop on the shelf before finding one that helps. For me, the drops do nothing for the burning and itching, they just relieve the gritty, dry feeling and not for very long at that. Swelling is a questionable symptom. Maybe Dr. G. can lend some assist with that one?
    Have you looked at things in your environment that might be causing you discomfort? I think it best that you try to get into see an eye doctor as soon as possible. You need to get a firm diagnosis in order to know how best to treat it.
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