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dry eyes and other "challenging" eye conditions

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  • dry eyes and other "challenging" eye conditions

    I'm mgshutterbug, and have severe dry eyes from age, and from neurosurgery on trigeminal nerve gone bad (surgery for trigeminal neuralgia). I also have anterior epithelial basement membrane dystrophy (corneal dystrophy). I am much less than a happy camper.

    I recently had the good fortune to be guided towards Panopteryx glasses, now called 7 eye. They have wrap around sunglasses that actually look normal. They also have a foam eyeshield which blocks wind, cold and heat, blowing dirt or whatever. No one would ever know they are special, and medically necessary.

    I also recently purchased 7 eye transition glasses so I would have something protective to wear when I drive at nite, or when it's cloudy and sunglasses are too dark. These also have foam eyeshields. I will have my glass prescription inserted in the sunglasses. You can have single vision, or bifocals, no progressive. I am hoping I can also have the transition glasses made with my prescription as well; am not sure I can, the glasses were not purchased at the optician as sunglasses were. But I think I can have rx inserted, the eyeshield looks the same in both.

    Boy am I glad to have found this forum!

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    Welcome... sorry you need to be here, but glad you found us
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation