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  • Dry Eye Newbie (Sort Of)...

    My dry eyes are the result of years of sleeping with my contacts in and recent wavefront LASIK surgery. Dry eyes were not a problem six months ago. Today, they are a daily annoyance. It was only after working in the field, where bright sunlight and dust and debris conspired to dry my eyes, that I became the victim I am today. Even so, I went ahead with LASIK believing that to be the solution to my problems (a dryness test revealed my eyes to be slightly dry, but otherwise normal at the time). Now the condition has been exacerbated. And spending tens and soon to be hundreds of dollars on artificial tears and gels is a burden. Good thing I have always been big on fish and flaxseed oil supplements. Nonetheless, dry eyes suck. Period.

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    Agreement here

    Fully in agreement with you on that one.
    Try adding some Vit A into your regeme (spelling?) I find it helps with irritation and my dry eye worsens when I stop taking it. It takes a while to kick in (as anything does) but you may find it helps.
    Good luck


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      How long ago was your surgery?


      You are preaching to the converted on this support site with your comment that "dry eyes suck", I don't think there is 1 person here that would not agree with you.

      You mentioned that you recently had Lasik. How long ago did you have the surgery?

      You will see that I have a post in the welcome centre "6 months post epi-lasek induced dry eyes".

      If you haven't already done so, it might be worth you having a quick read through the post as it not only outlines my struggles but it also contains some great suggestions from other members that have helped me considerably.

      I have started to find a workable solution although I continue to have good and bad days, just so long as the good days outnumber the bad I am happy.

      I hope you find a solution very soon. If I was in your position I would start with the clinic that did your proceedure and see what they have to offer. You may find something as simple as punctual plugs could make a huge difference to your life.

      Best of luck



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