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  • any hope?


    I'm new and have blepharitis. I was given no warining by the doc that this could be lifelong and basically unresolvable. My symptoms come and go, but are always noticeable. Right now my biggest complaint is a reddish ring around
    my eye, almost in the area a black eye would be. The biggest complaint is itching, and occasionaly tears release for no reason.

    I have read some posts where folks say there lives have changed forever. What is meant specifically, especially when people talk about being unable to work?

    Does this ever just go away on its own? I take an antidepressant, effexor? could that be the sole source? Seems unlikely. Thanks

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    Hi Kym, welcome to Dry Eye Talk!

    Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. The impact of blepharitis varies greatly from individual to individual so I certainly wouldn't assume it's going to be there forever. For many people, of course, it's a condition that has to be managed long-term. - When a dry eye or MGD condition is related to drug side effects, sometimes it can be improved by switching to a different drug. I know that a lot of people with dry eyes struggle with antidepressants. You may find more information about that in some of the discussions on this board.

    I'm curious about the itching - does your doctor think that blepharitis is the only thing going on? Do you have ocular allergies as well? What about say rosacea?

    What kind of treatment(s) are you on for the blepharitis?
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation


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      No warning and Blepharitis

      Hi Kym,

      I'm so sorry to hear of your issues and concerns with MGD. I have been thru a multitude of issues with my eyes. Lastly, about 3 months ago I was told I have Blepharitis, given an antibiotic script, plus an antibiotic eyedrop, etc. I'm not back to normal, but I do know the meds helped. I've been on them for 3 months now, though... Just coming off, so we shall see. My eyelids mostly look as tho I have pink eyeshadow on, eyes are red, etc. etc. So this can definitely be discouraging, however, things have improved a bit for me.

      I plan to work on getting off a few meds if that is what it takes, that would be GREAT. I'm not on any antidepressants, just Premarin (Estrogen) and Levsin (spastic colon)... Anyway, hang in there and keep reading and interacting with all of us sufferers. It really helps to hear others' stories and be able to interact. God Bless!!