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    I am new here and have had severe dry eyes for 10 years now, have tried all kinds of drops etc., have two punctal plugs, and two burned shut, and have had corneal erosions in my left eye. Eyes are getting dryer and I now have a cataract in my one seeing right eye. It has really changed my life - not for the better - but I am taking each day as it comes. It is good to be part of this forum and share. Has anyone had cataract surgery when they already have severe dry eyes? The cataract is in my "seeing eye" so I have a big decision to make. Thks.

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    Hi Linda:

    Welcome to DEZ. To answer your question, yes, I have had cataract surgery.
    Not many cataract patients on here, but a couple of us have.

    I also want to tell you that my cataract surgery is/was complicated by things you do not have. Namely, I had lasik surgery 5 years prior. So, I went into the cataract surgery with eyes ruined (my own words) by the lasik. This is not your case, however, and your case is likely much more simple and straightforward.

    Without doing more detail on my diatribe, I don't think the cataract surgery will have a big effect on your dry eyes. Of course, the dryness can add time to healing, etc. but I'd rather say you'd not have a lot to worry about.

    If your vision is compromised as you say, in your good eye, I'm guessing your other eye isn't a healthy one. Get a couple of opinions at least on your situation. Probably three opinions is better yet. You'll find much good info here on dry eyes.
    Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

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      cataract surgery

      The cataract surgery was fine. The astigma correction went pretty well (that's an add-on the doctor does not mention--see surgical eyes bb).

      However, I did not have diagnosed dry eyes prior to the surgery. This has been a real learning experience for me. fernellen


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        Cataract surgery on dry eyes

        Thks for the input. My left eye is "lazy" so I have never seen much with it. Both eyes are severely dry with a lot of pain so I do not want to risk them getting dryer. However, I am having trouble driving now so I think I will go ahead with the surgery as my Surgeon has a good repetition. I am on Restasis to see if that will help with the dryness...keep hoping!


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          Linda, "being aware" of your dryness is a big help. I know it sounds weird, but many people do not realize they have dry eyes and then go for lasik or other refractive surgery and low and's something entirely new.

          You and your doc are taking proactive measures, and while there are no guarantees, it sure beats not knowing (or the doc pretending not to know) of this stuff.

          PS. Do you have punctal plugs, or have you discussed this with your doc? Sorry if I've missed that.
          Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

          The Dry Eye Queen


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            Cataract Surgery on Dry Eyes

            Thanks for the replies - I have punctual plugs bottom, and have the top tear drain ducts "burned" shut permanently. Even with that, my eyes are still severely dry and I am in pain a lot without much relief from the eye drops. I use Refresh Endura, Lacrilube, and Refresh Tears plus Restasis twice a day. However, the Doc is telling me my cornea is still healthy even though I experience a lot of distress. Not sure what my options are as my eyes are continuing to dry out more and cataract surgery may not even be an option later.


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              I notice you are using Lacrilube. And Refresh Indura. The lacrilube is a little like vaseline but more refined than that and the Refresh Endura has oil in it too. I'm wondering how the Restasis is going to get thru the oil to the eye? I know I used Refresh Endura and Lacrilube in the beginning, but as I began to research the problem of chronic dry eye due to Sjogrens, I stopped using the Lacrilube and the Refresh Endura and tried one eye drop after another until I found one that seemed to stay with me longer. I also use Restasis. While I don't think I'm producing any more tears than I was, my eyes are healthier. I don't have as much inflammation and I don't have the mucus strings. I think my meilobian glands are able to excrete more of the oil necessary to maintain a tear film because they are not as clogged with the gunk I was putting in my eyes.

              I am certainly not a medical authority, but trial and error has brought me to this.



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                Eye Drops

                Thks - I have to use the Lacrilube, even in the day, as the artificial tears only leave me with severe pain so that I cannot function and the addition of Lacrilube relieves it some. What artificial tears are you using? I have tried all kinds including the gels and find the Refresh Endura gives me the most relief. However, I am upon to more suggestions.


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                  Tears and routine

                  I use Bion Tears. They have to be used very frequently during the day. I also use GenTeal Gel for severe dry eyes at night along with the Tranquileyes goggles. The Bion Tears don't really stop the dry eyes, I stilll have to use them constantly and I use a lot of them, I found that the pain in my eyes got some better after I made the transition. I had to endure a lot of pain before the drops created some kind of balance.



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                    Drops for dry eyes

                    Really appreciate the input. Today I am trying the Genteal Gel along with the Refresh Endura to see if that works any better. I used to use Bion Tears but that still had even more pain with using them alone especially in the evenings. My eyes get extremely dry in the evenings, and earlier if the weather is drier. I use at least 8 Refresh Endura a day so a box of 20 does not last long! I keep the vials and use more than once since I use them up so fast. Thks again.


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                      Muro OINTMENT

                      Linda, if you are using ointment during the day as well as night - I'd suggest you get a tube of Muro 128 ointment. It is bought at the drugstore, you might have to ask for it. It is NOT prescription. Not all drug stores have it. My long time eye doc told me I can use this "forever." I am NOT suggesting you use it forever, or even that you should do as i suggest. I do know, tho, what Puralube and Refresh PM are and have used both.

                      I have for years had to use ointment during the day also because of dry eye pain. The Muro is absorbed much quicker and is less gunky. Muro OINTMENT, not Muro DROPS because both are available.

                      Just telling you of something that has saved me many times. It's not ideal, but neither is putting anything in your eye 4 x per hour. This will last longer.
                      The use of Muro is supposedly to draw moisture from the eye. Well, my eyes are dry as dirt, so I won't even go there, but it does moisturize fast and well.

                      ps. I use other drops as well, but the Muro brings extra when I need it and can't stand the pain.
                      Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

                      The Dry Eye Queen


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                        Muro 128

                        Thanks so much. We all have different experiences with eye drops, don't we. When I was having the corneal erosions I used Muro 128 in the nights and the erosions in my left eye worsened with it. I am reluctant to use it again after that experience. However, it might be ok for the day, but not night. My Doc. says different things work for different people. I welcome all of the ideas!