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    Hello everybody and greetings from Finland!
    I`ve been visiting this site from time to time since last autumn and to relieve some frustration, I decided to register.

    My dryeye-story started a few years ago, first I used some non-prescription eyedrops and eventyally I decided to go to a doctor. She did the schrimer`s test and diagnosed a dry eye. After using somewhat all eyedrops, gels etc. I went back and said my condition is by no means better, then she put collagen plugs in my lower punctums and said to come again after a month. Next month she put silicon plugs in all four punctums and said this would help indeed! In fact I wasn`t sure that collagen plugs did any good anyways?
    At first it seemed nice to have some moisture in your eyes but after a while it got worse, my eyes burned like hell and were inflammated! Despite that, it took 3 visits to a doctor because she wouldn`t take them away! All I heard was that your eyes are going to be better soon...after that I really needed to discover a new doctor.

    At this point I went to a rheumatologist because I was worried if I had Sjögrens syndrome because my dentist said that my mouth is pretty dry. I was SS because of my symptoms and bloodtest showed slight ascent in SS values.

    Last fall I fortunately find a skilled eye specialist and he diagnosed not only a dry eye but also a chronic allergic inflammation in my eyes. Since May I was on cyclosporine eyedrops for two and half months but it showed no benefit so we decided to leave it for a while. A couple of months ago I also got some doxycyclin and doctor showed me how to do a lid masssage because my meibomian glands were also inflamed and not working properly. I going to see my doctor next monday and last time he said that we could do some autologous eyedrops for you if this lid massage thing won`t help enough. I`m counting on those blody eyedrops .

    In the beginning of september I visited Los Angeles and boy were my eyes screwed in the aeroplane! Luckily I ordered a pair of tranquileyes while staying in the US and coming home wasn`t so painful. Just chilling with my tranquileyes on or playing chess or tetris with my swimming goggles in the plane, I bet those flight attendants thought I`m nuts... (by the way Las Vegas is a hell on earth for those who suffer from dryeyes, the air is sooo dry and constant AC in every building was really killing me!)

    I bet there is only a handful of those who had strength enough to read this far but atleast I feel much better writing this down. I really think I`m losing my mind because of my eyes, it has started to affect on my everyday life so much I don`t know how much longer I can cope with it

    And apologies for my English, I haven`t used it for three years so it maybe pretty harsh.

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    Hello and welcome to this forum! I'm happy to see more people from the Nordic countries are joining us! I'm from Norway, ..and I think..the only Norwegian on this site.

    One did you get hold of the cyclosporine drops? Did they make it at the hospital? Do you know the composition of the drops (is the cyclosporine is 0,05 %, 1% or what...and what oil they have been using together with it)?

    Greetings from Norway,

    Toril :-)


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      it was 0,1% cyclosporine that I used and it wasn`t oil-based. My doctor said that we can also try oil-based if it would make any difference. But now I`m waiting for those autologous serum drops as the doctor said they are some serious stuff

      There`s only one pharmacy that makes them and I think it`s co-operated with our university hospital. My doctor wrote a prescription and it took couple of days to get the first bottle.

      Maybe you`ll have to come to Finland to get that stuff but I would think they have these drops also in every Skandinavian country?
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        Cyclo drops

        ....they can make cyclosporin drops at the hospitals / farmacies's just a matter of will.... and I've not had any luck with having them make it yet. I'm hoping to go to France and get a check-up at Dr. Baudouin in some months (long waiting-list), and since they are making the drops there, I might get to try them.

        Greetings from Toril


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          Welcome to the DryEyeZone

          Hello I just read your post and welcome to the site. I know its very hard to deal with isn't it. I have been suffering for 5 years now!! I suffer from another annoying, horrible gross thing and it's mucus strings that come out of my eyes all the time. My eyes are so dry that the mucus bunches up and I have to pull out these mucus strings. I've tried the Restasis and it doesn't help me either. Maybe you should try Castor Oil Eye drops, you have to have your doctor prescribe them for you then go to a compounding pharmacy and they will make them for you, these work pretty good. Well it's very late and I have to get to bed, again Welcome and I hope you feel better, one thing is that you can always vent on here. Ciao D


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            New too, Hi-tranquileyes?

            I just read your post and I can really relate to the discomfort and frustration. Sorry it has been so bad.

            I have a question, being new here:

            What are tranquileyes and where can I get some?



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              Probably the best way to see what Tranquil eyes are is to click on the DEZ Shop link at the top of this page then clink on the Tranquil Eyes tab. Rebecca has put together some competitive prices for various kits.

              You could also try the Encyclopedia as there is most likely a reference in there for them.

              Basically they are a humidifying eye mask made by Eyeeco that have brought many of us relief.

              If you look back on the Dry Eye Talk Page, under the Archives tab there is a link to Tranquil Eyes where people have discussed their use.

              Welcome to the DEZ community.



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                Thanks Ian! Just to make it easy here's a couple of links...

                Tranquileyes in Dry Eye Shop (quick way to view the different kits etc - also if you click on one you'll get more details, kit contents etc).

                Encyclopedia page on Tranquileyes

                Eyewear (for night) forum

                Our pricing for Tranquileyes, Panoptx etc. is set by the manufacturer (one of those brand name things... ) but we try to make things like this cheaper by shipping for free and by bundling products together in value packs where possible. Ideas/suggestions always welcome too
                Rebecca Petris
                The Dry Eye Zone


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                  Thanks Rebecca

                  I wanted to put the links in but I didn't know how to, so I will have a look at your post to see how you did it. You would never think I have an IT degree.



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