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Hi im new to this site...Got des in february 06.

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  • Hi im new to this site...Got des in february 06.

    Hello ive been finding this site an invaluable source of information about des.I am now so badly affected by this i no longer work and rarely leave the house owing to the pain and all the horrible symptoms that go with it .I think my des was caused by meds but i cant be sure...Ive been examined by eye docs at emergency rooms twice and they have given me drops and a referral to a specialist dry eye doctor within three months.Trouble is since ive been in so much agony with this ive become very depressed and suicidal as i dont think i can bear the pain much longer.I am currently on escitalapram for depression 10 mg..does this make des worse.....Ive read that codeine makes eyes worse so ive stopped my previous 90 mg reckons it doesnt make it worse,but i reckon that any drying meds 45 years old and feel my life is over im blinking so much due to des that its affecting my vision and confidence.Thank you for reading this...I have to let off steam somewere.Im from uk.Im taking celluvisc several times per hour and viscotears...I wouldnt have known about warm compresses ice packs etc had it not been for this site....thanks to you all...

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    Does anyone know of a treatment

    I am new and I am looking for someone to talk to about anterior basement membrane dystrophy. I have been through many treatments and they are not working. I just would like to know how others handle this disease.


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      Welcome to both of you.

      It looks like it might be kind of a quiet day today. Cherrybrandy, you have my sympathies and understanding. Please hang in there. You'll learn a lot as you go...possibly from this site. You'll learn some things and figure out how to manage your eyes so you can live again. We don't all live in comfort by any stretch, but we do live. Take your time and dig around on this site. You'll learn a whole lot. You might consider immediately considering doing hot compresses twice daily and purchasing the eye drops sold on this site.

      Abmd, I know nothing of your condition but am certain there will be some who will. You might re-post your question again as a new thread instead of attaching it to Cherrybrandy's message. Go back into the "welcome center" on the home page and click on new thread. People will see your post more easily and you'll likely get the responses you are looking for.

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        Some info from threads

        I did a search on EBMD (epithelium basement membrane dystrophy) and turned up a couple of threads. For more info:

        I cannot tell you the difference, or if there is a difference right now between anterior and epithelium basement. I am too tired to search the info for you. This might help.

        From a quick search done on step-sister
        LME probably has more info on EBMD from my search results if you want to take the time to check it out. I hope these few threads help.

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