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My eyes are much beter. Gluten

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  • My eyes are much beter. Gluten

    Hello, I'm new here .
    I just wanted to post my success with dry eyes and hopefully help some others.
    I have had dry eyes for many years and have tried numerous topical treatments, without success. Last year I went gluten free for a week and noticed that my eyes felt very much better. Since then I have started and stopped eating gluten and noticed that my eyes were painful during the gluten periods and 80-90 % good during the gluten free periods.
    I am so happy with my discovery and hope that I can help someone else with this information.
    Please let me know if this helps you.

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    That's great to hear that you've improved.
    Maybe i should give no gluten a go.
    have you been diagnosed as Celiac by any chance?



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