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  • Bleph-ex

    Does anyone have experience of Bleph-ex treatment?
    My daughter 17 has suffered MGD and dry eye for 3 years now. She has had Chronic Fatigue for a year and various other conditions. The only thing that produced any relief fro her eye discomfort was when she cut out sugar and gluten and other things she was sensitive to out of her diet, and she felt an improvement. However, despite maintaining the diet her discomfort has returned and persisted making her so miserable anxious and desperate I am also at my wits end as to how to help.

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    No Ali I have just recently heard of it but is there anyone around you who does IPL. Dr Toyos claims that it helps over 90% of his patients. A Dr in my area has recently started doing it so I am going to try in the spring when I get back from my winter hideout. Tell you daughter to limit her time on electronic devices including video games, cell phone, tablet, TV and computer. These devices are culprits in Dry eye disease. Google it and you will get an understanding of why and how and what you can do to minimize the damage.


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