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introduction: hi everyone

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  • introduction: hi everyone

    hi,. my name is Leon, i'm from South Africa. i've been working in software dev all my live and 1 year ago I came down with dry eyes. ill describe it as severe but honestly I can go a few hours without lubricating (optive) and I can still work, but I wear blue light filter glasses.

    From what I read on the forum I'm still having it easy. I'm 37, and fear this will progressively end my career.

    Some notes in my experience:
    Crying seems to cure it for a day (yes I'm a guy, yes I cry)
    Slicing onions hurt while crying doesn't, but afterwords also appears to improve my condition for some hours.
    I live in Johannesburg, so 60% humidity and lots of polluted air, but when I went down to the coast for Christmas, my symptoms all nearly vanished within a week, but was back on the drive back already. I take it the humidity at the coast was helping (or was it stress or lack of computer screen time, although I binged game of thrones first 5 seasons so not really resting the eyes?)
    my experience with an ophthalmologist was shocking, mostly because after an hour of probing and testing it cost me half a months salary, but I'd want to go back now that I am more informed.

    thanks all.

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    Hi Leon, Welcome. Your post caught my eye as I am in the same boat as you.
    I've been in front of a computer my whole adult life as well and my current job is 90% computer based.
    I can also go hours without lubricating (although I really shouldn't) and am awaiting my blue blocker glasses as well.

    My main worry and the reason I have acted so fast and so hard since this started was an urgency to keep my eyes well enough to work. It is my livelihood and how I support my 5 year old. The thought of not being able to work is terrifying.

    I'm with you that I can still cry. It stings a bit which I contribute to my eyes being so dry but the tears are there- which is a good thing..

    This site has been so wonderful. People are great and share so much. I also went to the specialist's office prepared with a list of questions to ask. They only seem to tell you what they think you need to know so going in familiar helps.

    Do you know the cause of your dry eye?
    Do you have any routines in place?
    Have you tried compresses? fish oils? The basics to start helping out with dry eye.


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      Hi Leon,

      Welcome. I've also been working in software dev and work in front computers
      Crying is good and make feel eyes better.
      Could you please share your experience with this ophthalmologist, why shocking ?
      You had probing, I suppose because of scar tissue ?
      Did you do meibography , lipiview ? Which status of glands ? AD ? TBUT
      You need to know status and cause.


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        Dear MommyadnMe81 and mbperso

        thank you for your replies. my understanding is its allergies (I'm on antihistamine and nasal sprays my whole life), including photo sensitivity to blue light, but the ophthalmologist did not elaborate. He did several tests but I don't know what they were as he did not discuss them with me. I only ended up with a very very expensive bill which I was not prepared for. ill need to go back I suppose.

        Edit: ophthalmologist did prescribe blue light glasses, optive (standard with preservatives), I later changed to preservative free, and eyelid cleaner saying I have a bacterial growth on my lids.
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          bacterial overgrow:
          1) did dr recommend you lid cleanser? Many doctors in USA recommend Avenova for this purpose. It is only available in USA but perhaps good to try to find alternatives. Avenova produces many useful eductional lectures by some famous doctors at Youtube - maybe you can learn more there.

          baby shampoo: please do NOT use it - bad for eyes, remove our nature oil etc.

          2) if you have bacteria, warm compress will make it worse. Some dr recommend cold instead, for info.

          Blinking exercise helps.


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            Originally posted by MGD1701 View Post
            bacterial overgrow:
            1) did dr recommend you lid cleanser?
            2) if you have bacteria, warm compress will make it worse. Some dr recommend cold instead, for info.
            yes he recommended cleansing the lids. he gave me Navi-Dev.
            he did not recommend compresses but I do use it and it does releave short term.


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              Hi Leon,

              Wouaw! after one hour of testing with that doc you don't know anything else that is allergic + drop with preservatives !!
              Go and see another doc that knows something in dry eye.
              Very Important to do Meibography (Lipiview) and Schirmer/red thread test


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                The incidence of computer related dry eye is alarming to me. Mercifully I do not even work so I am OK there but gosh if you need computers to make your living....PLEASE as much as possible and within reason stay off ALL devices in your off time, get a new hobby and use your voice to send texts. Consider this to be your warning call.....AND severely curtail the time your kids spend on these devices they are a new generation of dry eye victims in the making.. (It's OK to surf this forum


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                  Same boat guys: computer + contact lenses.The malefic combo



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