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Return of an old poster, with the return of an old problem (RCE) Help please! (Long)

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  • Return of an old poster, with the return of an old problem (RCE) Help please! (Long)

    Hi all

    I used to read here often and post occasionally years ago, and found lots of great advice and ideas here. Iím hoping you can help me again.

    Tl:dr. I think Iím having corneal erosions again, heavy ointment no longer helping.

    I've had dry eyes for 30 years, and things were ok with occasional eye drops until I gave myself a paper cut in my left eye in 2007. Following that I had a series of recurrent corneal erosions over about 18 months. I tried every drop and gel going, including the UK equivalent of Dwelle, used TranquilEyes, and tried hard to avoid greasy ointments. Eventually the ophthalmologist convinced me to try Lacrilube, and it stopped the erosions. I moved on to a similar ointment called Simple eye ointment, and it felt much better in my eyes. So for nearly 9 years, Iíve been erosion-free. My eyes havenít felt very dry during the day, and I stopped reapplying ointment in the middle of the night, using eye drops during the day or sleeping with cling film over my eyes years ago.

    A few months ago the manufacturer stopped making Simple eye ointment, and I switched back to Lacrilube. About a month ago, I woke up two and a half hours after going to bed, with what felt like a mild erosion in my left eye. Two nights later I had an episode of my right eye sticking so tightly to the lid that it felt like Iíd been punched in the eye when I panicked in my sleep and forced it open. No ripping sensation, but more like a blunt pain. So I hunted down the remaining stock of Simple eye ointment, started setting my alarm for every two hours and went back to using cling film to cover my eyes. I asked my GP to refer me to the Opthalmology Department of our local hospital, and I have an appointment for 7 February, the soonest I could get one. In the meantime, Iíve bought Thealoz Duo Gel, and got some Refresh Optive Mega 3 from the USA. Iíve been taking an Omega 3 supplement and Vitamin D for about three weeks. Iím using drops during the day just because I feel as though I should. My eyes donít feel bad during the day.

    This morning, I had what I think might have been another erosion in my left eye, only one hour after applying ointment and going to bed. It hurt, but didnít make a flood of tears run down my face as it has in the past. It felt more like a really painful eyelash in my eye, and seemed to get better after I pulled my lashes down and tried to blink it away. The pain has come back a couple of times through the day, then stops after a few minutes. My eye isnít red. These events donít feel exactly like the erosions I was having 11 years ago, but they certainly feel painful and horrible!

    So finally, my question!

    What can I do to avoid these erosions, or semi-erosions? If Iím already on the heavy ointment, liberally applied, and it isnít preventing them anymore, what can I do next? I canít really set my alarm for every hour, and it might not help anyway.

    For the longer term, Iím hoping the ophthalmologist will have some ideas, but I donít want to wake up like this or lie awake from worry about it every night for a month until the appointment. Iím in the UK, and my experience with the NHS is that I do better if I have some idea of what I want when I talk to the doctors. I think I want to try the UK version of Restasis, with cyclosporine, but beyond that, Iím at a loss. Iím pretty sure I donít want the surface of my eye stripped off to regrow unless thereís no other choice! Help please?

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    I suspect you have dry eye/MGD. If dr has not checked this, good to ask dr to
    examine your gland function and if you have inflammation as well as take images -- super important!

    Do you do lid hygiene, warm compress?
    I consider it is important since you have used ointment for such a long time - it can block glands if you dont do these.
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      Yes, I donít produce the oily part of tears, so my gland are blocked/non-functioning. Warm compresses and lid scrubs certainly wouldnít hurt while I wait to see the doctor, thanks.


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        Sorry to hear that. If glands are blocked, an early intervention is important, in order to save glands.
        Glands need to be unblocked, otherwise your erosion will be worsening too - more damage to cornea etc.
        Untreated dry eye could lead to erosion, I have read.
        Best is find a dr with good knowledge on dry eye. London has a dry eye center.
        Good luck!
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