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Scelera lens or cataract surgery

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  • Scelera lens or cataract surgery

    I am just starting treatment for dry eye. The OP said that he couldn't get a good refraction on my dry eyes because my vision fluctuates too much. These drops are supposed to help stabilize the refraction. He said I could get scelera lens or cataract surgery. I'm 70 so eligible for the surgery under Medicare guidelines. As much as I don't want surgery, I am beginning to think it is a better option and that I will have to have it sooner or later as my cataracts are large. My primary goal is to see better for night driving. I also nap a few times during the day and don't want to have to take the scelera lens out all the time to nap. As I am writing this, it seems that the cataract surgery is my best choice. However, a couple of OPs in my small town have told me that they think my vision problem is not so much with the cataracts as with the 18 RK cuts in my left eye which is where my vision is really deteriorating. I am learning that not all OPs are equal. The last OP I saw was in Tampa. He was one of those docs who advertise cutting edge technology. My friend recently had cataract surgery on both eyes. Her eyes are fine for driving but she has to use glasses for sewing and computer work. She hates taking the glasses off and on all the time so she now wears glasses all the time...... after cataract surgery. Does anyone have any experience to share with me ?

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    Given your left eye's vision is really deteriorating possibly from 18 RK cuts from prior surgery, you may not want to get additional surgery for cataracts, as that also involves cuts to the eyes. Patients can get dry eyes from cataract surgery (LASIK, or any kind of surgery) where cuts are made to the eyes, so having that surgery may further exasperate your current dry eye situation. Likely RK surgery is what caused or contributed to your dry eyes.

    Given this, scleral lenses may be the safer route at this time. Would recommend you find a practioner with experience and expertise fitting RK patients with sclerals. Likely at the consult, as with PROSE sclerals which I wear, you will be able to try on a trial pair for an hour or so to see if it helps, and if you are able to tolerate the lenses. Some people cannot wear them.

    I came across this website for RK Survivors, perhaps there's more info you can get there to help weigh your options:

    This Dry Eye Zone forum is also a great resource, so glad you are here. Hope you get some resolution soon.



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