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  • New here ... Light sensitivity

    Greetings to all. I stumbled on this forum while looking for answers to my severe photophobia that started 6 weeks after LASIK. I'm now 4 months out and still having significant issues. I'm using restasis and lotemax plus trying many OTC drops. I have been diagnosed with dry eye syndrome with severe photophobia. Driving is almost impossible. I've run into my garage twice. Ouch!! My eyes rarely feel dry which I think is odd because the sensitivity is pretty constant. I'm trying to stay positive because it's been less than 6 months and I'm still healing. I do use hot compress. I was reading some other posts and was wondering if anyone else has similar symptoms or has any advice... Sunglass recommendation would also be great.
    Look forward to chatting with you all


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    Hi Scott:
    Driving can be quite a challenge! My eys are extemely sensitive to any light as is for many people on this site. I just bought a pair of 7-eye sunglasses with the Sharpview Polarized Grey lenses. I can't beleive what a difference they have made. I thought the glasses I had were pretty good (they just had the sharpview lens) but these are so much better! I can actually drive more than a few miles.
    I hope your condition is just temporary but if you need good glasses, check the dryeye shop here and also look at wiley-x and 7-eye websites.


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      You can try the FL-41 tint to glasses. There's research it helps with photosensitivity. (Just do a google search for it)


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        Thanks for the input I'm looking into as many options as possible
        This is a great resource!!!!