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Blepharitis and Sjogrens but mainly double vision

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  • Blepharitis and Sjogrens but mainly double vision

    I think I've had Blepharitis all my life, always red sore eyelid but didn't know that's what it was. Genrally my vision had been great and most of my hobbies were based on looking at fine details, bid watching and the like. About 7 years ago I suddenly got really dry eyes and mouth and bouts of double vision. This was later diagnosed as Sjorgrens (very unusual for a man).
    I since had 5 years trapsing round the doctors and specialists at the hospital. I had two years of being told that the monocular double vision was due to Blepharitis. Discounted that since I had the bleph all ready and if I leave my eyes alone (no scrubbing or shampoo) I get the bleph under control but has no effect on the double vision.
    I know the dry eyes have an influence on the doubling. (vertical ghost images in either eye with the other eye shut) But some days when both eyes feel similarly dry one eye has bad doubling and the other not. most days start OK with doubling getting worse in the afternoon and evenings. Other days its just bad all day.
    The current specialist is of the view that dry eyes lead to double vision so tough. But not everyone with dry eyes gets double vision do they?
    I past expecting any cure or significant improvement but I just can't settle until I understand why it is so darn variable. This suggests there must be some factor that makes it better or worse and perhaps understanding that could help reduce the frequency.
    Does anyone else get the vertical ghost images with thier dry eyes?

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    well i have also been facing double vision.Im sjs patient.I have bleph and dry eyes both.My double viion is binocular.So when both eyes r open then only i get double vision.My double vision is also causing cosmetic squint.One eye focus different direction than the other.I look weird.
    Doctors told this problem is due to two things.
    1-My one eye vision is too low i.e.finger counting. and the other eye is 6/9.So this is creating different focus levels.
    2-I also have mascular problem which is causing squint.Eye muscle also seems to be have problem doctor said.

    But such dry eyes with so 3 prior surgeries done, the best of dcotors advise me not to go for any squint surgery rather just hold on to whatever is there.
    Dryeyes and bleph dsnt give enough chance to heal the eyes.So doctor wants to make sure i do not hurry for any surgery and have minimum intervention.
    Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!


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      Have you looked into eye muscle exercises to possibly alleviate double vision? Western medicine is so quick to solve everything by surgery without giving chance to alternatives (and I'm currently in medical school...believe me, MD's don't know how to solve pretty much anything except trauma)

      Is the source of your vision problem neurological? I don't understand how dry eyes can cause double vision...If that were the case, most of us on this forum would have double vision.

      I recently read this book and it's very informative


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        Try looking into LaserFit lens sclerals from Dr. Gemoules in Dallas. He has a patented system to customize sclerals from wavefront imaging which allows him to correct high order aberrations some of which can cause double vision. I was just there for a week getting sclerals just to help my dry eye. They aren't a cure but they have liberated me from having to wear goggles when I am awake. His website is I used his "contact us" fi and he emailed me back same day.


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          Dry eye in Denver how are you doing with the laserfit lenses now?


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