Hi there,

I am a member of this forum. A little background, 24 year old female had severe dry eyes from about 21 years old. I have had lower punctual cautery and have plugs in my upper tear ducts.

All was well for a long time, at least a year until I got swollen eye lids and my dry eye symptoms returned.

Anyway, for this I have ordered the above, blephasteam goggles? Anybody tried them?

I also today had my marina coil removed. It has been in for 3 years, then shortly after I experienced dry eyes. I have no idea if this was a cause but I am tired and desperate now, feeling like I am missing out on my life because of this so I am exploring all options.

I am potentially looking at lipiflow in London as well.

So yes, I will keep you updated as to how i feel in the next few months