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Need relief from redness and dryness

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  • Need relief from redness and dryness

    I am new to Dry Eye Talk. I am thrilled that I found this site. It's so comforting to know that people out there share the same problem and can offer one another help and support.

    I have been a dry eye sufferer since my mid-twenties. I am now 63!! Suffering for years with severe redness and dryness. I used just about every drop on the market for the dryness and any redness reliever I could put my hands on. Presenting, I am using Restasis, Thera-Tears (OTC) and serum made from my blood. I have also used plugs in the past.

    I read a message that someone posted about a new drug that is in Phase 3 trials. Bausch & Lomb, I believe from what I have read, has acquired an exclusive global license. This drug supposedly leads to a faster, more effective and longer lasting treatment for ocular redness. Low doses of Brimonidine are used. (licensed from Eye Therapies, LLC..Dr. Horn)

    Does any know if this new drug has been approved by the FDA? Is it on the market and what is the name of it?

    I also read about vitamin therapies one of the members on Dry Eye Talk shared in which she had remarkable results with reducing redness. Has anyone experienced good results using Vitamin B2, Vitamin E (oil drops) Taurine and L-Argine . I will give it a try. Sounds promising.

    Could anyone tell me if that have used Brimondine and what were the results. Would love to hear back!
    Thank You.

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    Leelu, the low dose brimonidine was approved and has been on the US market since early this year. It is sold over the counter as Lumify.

    However, it is preserved with benzalkonium chloride, a chemical known to cause and exacerbate dry eye. So using it with any regularity is a very bad idea for people with dry eye. Be careful I've heard a lot of mixed feedback. For some it's a wonderdrug, others have had some adverse reactions. I've been surprised and very unhappy with the optometric community for pushing this drug aggressively despite the preservative. Personally I would say, use these kinds of things for special occasions, not daily.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Zone


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