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Intro and looking for advice! :)

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  • Intro and looking for advice! :)

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    I have severe MGD and wear goggles 24/7. So sadly while it might not kill you, the pain can be quite intense.

    I took accutane many years ago and i think thats the root of my MGD.

    I did lipiflow recently. Felt very bad for maybe a week. Then great. Then back to very bad as the glands blocked up again.

    Im starting IPL which is another type of MGD treatment.

    Accutane may take some time to get out of your body. There is an accutane dry eye facebook group.

    This is the group name. Isotretinoin-induced MGD

    Im hoping IPL plus sclerals can work otherwise I dont know what to do. But thats also very expensive and my money will run out sooner or later.


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      As far as goggles and moisture chamber. Yes. It will make your eyes feel MUCH better.

      Follow the routine. Its a good one. But the reality is if it worked well you wouldnt be here. It msy help but this is a serious issue.


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        Inflammation: best is effective lid hygiene including with tea tree oil as demodex is very common and hard to detect + healthy diet (omega 3 + GLA), avoid sugar, processed food.

        morning is worse and red eyes might suggest you have demodex or your lids are not sealed when sleep.

        compress is important but if it does not give you comfort afterwards, better stop especially if you have inflammation. Some drs recommend cold or a combination of cold & warm.

        dry eye is chronic and progressive and can not be cured, as far as I know. But can be managed with right treatments etc.

        If you care to know more, perhaps my earlier posting, #2 would help


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