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Chronic Unilateral Blepharitis

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  • Chronic Unilateral Blepharitis

    Hi everyone. First time poster, but long time lurker. I am 29 years old, male, live in UK.

    I have chronic posterior blepharitis/MGD in my left eye only, which appeared around August 2017. My right eye is perfectly fine. It makes no sense to me.

    I have tried loads of different stuff that has failed to help over the last year, not to mention seen various eye consultants/doctors/optometrists. This has cost me a fortune privately as NHS are just not interested at all - just told me artificial tears, warm compresses, and baby shampoo!

    - Various lid wipes

    - Chloramphenicol

    - Fusidic Acid

    - 3 months of Oxytetracycline

    - Predsol (steroid)

    - Maxitrol ointment

    - Had chalazion surgery (no biopsy was done - highly annoying!)

    - Tested thyroid as eyelids on left side have retracted. Tests appear to be normal.

    - Tried testosterone cream as my testosterone levels were a little below normal.

    - 3 x Intense Pulsed Light Sessions (no results)

    - Lid debridement/Manual gland expression

    - Gluten and Lactose free diet (helped reduced pain somewhat- - surprisingly)

    - Traditional Chinese Medicine (Accupuncture and herbal medicine)

    - Various supplements/treatments (Omega Eye, Flaxseed, Colloidal Silver, Natrasan)

    - Warm compresses (inc Blephasteam) and baby shampoo (although if one more doctor recommends that I might explode)

    My left eyelids are permanently red and swollen, lashes falling out, thickened margins, super red inside, no oil expressed, scarred from chalazion surgery. It has completely destroyed my eye as my eyelids have retracted (even before surgery) and the red rims just refuse to go away no matter what.

    I have recently gone to a dry eye specialist in London and am now taking Azyter and Predsol (again) with Cliradex lid wipes in preparation for more IPL sessions.

    But she was surprised at just how completely different my eyes are on the lipiview/meibography. She said it is like they belong to completely different people.

    The left eyelids are super inflamed and the glands almost non-existent, whereas my right eye glands are perfectly fine and normal!

    P.S. Also plan to try lipiflow in future just to see how that goes as getting real desperate.

    At this stage I am wondering if anyone else has chronic unilateral blepharitis and whether I should contact my GP again about possible malignancy as not one eye consultant has entertained the idea so far that this could be something more malignant like sebaceous gland carcinoma (which I know mimics blepharitis and is highly misdiagnosed) and no one has even bothered to test for it even though my research shows that eye doctors should be looking into that when all else has failed to treat chronic unilateral blepharitis.

    Please help!

    I am only 29 and have turned into a social hermit because of this horrible disfiguring disease that the doctors dismiss as "minor".

    They just keep telling me that I will have to live with it - but not sure I can mentally take it for another 40 plus years.
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