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Housebound in the UK part two

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  • Housebound in the UK part two

    Hi everyone
    Posted a few weeks ago about my struggle with dry eyes and the fact I've been housebound for a year. Consulted with ophthalmologist in the UK who is going to try IPL treatment although he thinks it is unlikely to significantly relieve my symptoms. However to my surprise he suggested scleral lenses. I had been told by other ophthalmologists that they would only irritate my eyes. I am going to be fitted with them in a few weeks but am very nervous about them. Would be grateful for any advice about them and how to maximise my chances of success. Have people with really severe dry eyes found that they have been able to tolerate them? Do You still need to use drops - I am currently using them every half an hour. What questions should I ask when I am fitted? Have people found that they can tolerate central heating when wearing them? Have spent the last winter freezing to death. Any tips / advice gratefully received,

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    Hi holly123
    I seemed to have missed your first message. Something I'm not seeing much information about is what symptoms you are trying to address. For example is this all about burning? Light sensitivity? Pain in some other form? Do you know what diameter that lens is? Is there nothing larger available? (sorry I might have already asked & forgotten)
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Zone


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      I can't tolerate sclerals either but when I tried both the smaller were much more comfortable so-o-o everyone is different. My problem with them both was I couldn't get a really good fit on the right eye with either type.


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        My main problem is sensitivity to environment. When I try to go outside I can feel the tears evaporating and have to close my eyes as they feel so dry. During the summer I have had to keep my eyes closed a lot during the day for the same reason. They start to sting and dry out very quickly. I can't open my eyes when I'm a passenger in the car. The slightest breeze bit of dust, heat makes them sore and dry within seconds. They have been like this since last year when I went on a course at work where it was very hot and fans everywhere. I can't read or use the computer for more than five minutes. This is even when wearing moisture chamber goggles. Once aggravated they go on a downward spiral. Going outside has become impossible.I'm not sure what type of sclerals I am getting. It threw me a bit when he suggested them so I didn't really have my questions ready.


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          Iím very sorry youíre disabled by this, itís sucks to put it mildly. The fact that youíre hopeful for sclerals however, tells me you have a pretty good attitude...let me commend you on that.

          That said, Iím in a similar situation. Once the wind gets too crazy, my eyes are done. Corneal erosions, pain, burning.

          I genuineky hope the sclerals work for you!


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            holly123 Sorry to hear about your dry eye troubles!

            One thing that came to mind.

            Central heating: humidifiers. In the winter I use them all the time if I have a gas fire place running or the electric baseboards. If you donít have one, you should get a couple big ones for living room plus bedroom areas and small one for your desk (if you are doing any eye intense work). Or at least have a single big one. I carry it from room to room so itís annoying (I need to get a second one). Also, you can insert these special metal things to kind of redirect the flow, say towards the wall.

            I also have a humidity measuring device so I can keep an eye on what is happening.

            As for IPL: I think some docs are afraid to commit to expensive things when they are not 100% sure about the results.


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