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Nasal symptoms with dry eyes flare up

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  • Nasal symptoms with dry eyes flare up

    Hello fellow dry eye sufferers,

    i just wanted to ask whether any of you have experienced these symptoms and are able to shed some light and advise on what it may be.

    I realised that when I got a flare up of my dry eye symptoms, my nose got really dry, red and sore. It was inside my nose and the outside looked completely fine. It was so tender that I couldn't even touch it. Sorry to gross you out, but when I peeked inside the nose, they looked snotty and sometimes there was a streak of blood. It was like I had a cold but my nose wasn't runny, or my taste sensation wasn't gone and nor did I have other cold symptoms.

    The first time this happened was in April. My dry eyes had flared up, so therefore the symptoms were much worse and I had to put in drops frequently. A few days after the flare up, the symptoms started to happen inside my nose, as described. The symptoms gradually went away as I controlled my dry eye symptoms,

    In July, I had a flare up again. I was experimenting with natrisan spray but clearly my eyes didn't like it and the dry eyes got worse, meaning also the symptoms. Again a few days after flare up, the nose symptoms appeared and went as I controlled my dry eyes symptoms.

    The eyes and nose are close together, so it's not surprising that one area will affect the other. My opinion as to why this happened was because I had a flare up, there may have been more bacteria present in the eye and travelled to the nasal area, causing the effects they did.

    Has anybody else experienced this?

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    Yes sometimes I experience this. I donít know why


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      I use a Q-tip with petroleum jelly applied inside my nose.


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        It's horrible isn't it. It's bad enough dealing with dry eyes but also this nose pain. Its hurt so much and so tender


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