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Newbie with Corneal Neuralgia

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  • Newbie with Corneal Neuralgia

    Hi, everyone! I was recently diagnosed with Corneal Neuralgia by Dr. Hamrah at Mass Eye and Ear and referred to Dr. Jacobs at Boston Foundation for Sight. I am grateful to be receiving treatment from these two physicians! On Monday, I hope to finish up training for my PROSE. I started autologous serum tears two days ago, and they seem to be exacerbating my pain. Does anybody know if this is normal and/or what I should do. I am waiting for a call back from my doctor's office. Thanks in advance for any advice! I will write more later! Nina

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    Update: I was told to try allowing the serum tears to warm up for 5 minutes before using them, and if that didn't help, to use the tears 4 to 6 times instead of 8 times a day. I think this is helping! Thanks! Nina


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      i also have bad pains in my eyes...we don,t have such great eye doctors here abke to diagnose corneal neurwlgia,but i suffer from the same thing ,every drop i use in my eyes makes the pain worst...Restasis is rhe worst of all...i tried autolougous serum drops and they helped me ( mine were 20% concentration // you should ask what,s yours? because if it,s too much serum it can hurt ,even if i know people who did it well with bigger concentration)... but the ASD makes my nise suffer,i also have a dry nose because i have Sogren disease.... i also noticed that some artificial tears are intolerable for my eyes ( the methyl cellulose ones and hyaluronic acid ones // even if the doctors tell us they,re fine,it depends a lot of the patient ) .And it depends a lot of the diagnose of the dry eyes,it,s not the same if they are dry because of Lasik surgery,ir chimical burns,or autoimune diseases,or menopause / andropause or due to the climate you live . For the eye pain the only thing that works is cortison eye drops,but this is not a long term solution... my eye doctor told me to take pwin killers ...( but icwn,t becwuse i,n allergic to most of them) for me it,s a great torture every day and i,n desperate and don,t know what to do more...


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        Nina have the serum tears helped?



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