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  • Any help appreciated

    I have been seeing a highly rated ophthalmologist for moderate dry eye. He has me on Retaine HPMC eye drops, a night lubricant, and prednisolone 2 x per day. I am drinking at least 8 cups of water daily. Before I had more of an issue with contacts, now I am concerned about my vision even with glasses. I notice there is an oily looking film on my eye that moves across it when I blink. I feel it's making every day tasks like driving difficult. What is this and what else can I do? I am completely miserable.

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    What diagnose and testings doc made?
    Did doc check gland function, take gland images, what are your lipid layer thickness, did he do stainings, osmolarity, MMP-9 for inflammation level, etc? These are pretty basic, without objective data, hard to detect or rule out causes.

    Dr did not recommend you do compress, lid hygiene? These are pretty basis for MGD/dry eye.
    You need to find out the causes to stop progression.

    Perhpas you could care to read my old posts
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      Thank you for your response, I will definitely read them. I will try anything. I believe he did stainings and a full exam. Unfortunately he did not give me details about any other specific testing but he did say there is no concerning inflammation. He just said my eyes are extremely dry, no other diagnosis. My prescription has not changed much, so I can actually see it is more of a focusing issue. Also, I am breastfeeding. I had dry eye prior to becoming pregnant but nowhere near this extent. So really what I mean is I can see but between light sensitivity/glare and now an overall oily feeling in my eyes it is becoming difficult to focus. Also, he put in punctal plugs and I do the warm compresses and a lid/lash cleaner on my own.


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        Wise to seek 2nd opinions, like most of us do, especially if doctors did no check your gland function as this is most important, when glands are gone, it is forever.

        If your eyes are extremely dry, as your doctor said, likely glands are blocked and early intervention is the key.
        such as remove blockage for saving glands/money. My eyes were so dry and only ointment gave me relief yet all doctors just recommended (wrong) drops, not even mentioning compress, lid hygiene. Afer LipiFlow (to remove obstruction), I felt much better.

        There are many triggers, from hormones, diet, smoking, dry air, computer use, partial blinking, make-up, (food/skin) allergy, medication, lid explosure/closure etc. So you have to know the triggers.
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