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  • MGD + Ocular Rosacea

    Here is my story:

    I'm a 32-year-old male, fairly healthy, who is 7 years post-operative from lasik (had astigmatism and was significantly nearsighted, -8/-8 in each eye respectively, so I opted for the procedure because I hated wearing glasses and could no longer tolerate contacts). Two providers reviewed my eyes and stated that I was a candidate for lasik and the procedure would change my life. Well it did, and for a while it was for the better… Fast forward to a year ago (post-op 6 years). I have since moved 2 hours away from my old eye doctor and had to find a new one because I was having trouble with burning/itchy eyes. Since I had been diagnosed with allergy eye before I assumed that my Zaditor was no longer working or perhaps I just needed a steroid… that’s when all the fun started and I was diagnosed with #1 and #2 (see below).

    My new provider diagnosed me with:
    1. Chronic dry eye
    2. Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD)
    3. Ocular rosacea

    Here is my personal regimen:
    1. Ocusoft Lid Scrub Platinum Foam [twice a day]
    2. Xiidra eye drops [twice a day]
    3. Zaditor eye drops [twice a day - on hold while taking steroid]
    4. Steroid drops (Lotemax) [four times a day] (trying to decrease to twice a day)
    5. Cardiotabs Omega 3 + Vitamin D, 1500 mg [every morning]
    6. Refresh Omega-3 eye drops [as needed]
    7. Oasis Tears Plus eye drops [as needed]
    8. Wizard electric heat mask for 20-30 minutes followed by massage [twice a day]
    9. Humidifier (with frequent cleaning/disinfectant) [every night]
    10. Making sure my daily acne regimen is nowhere near my eyes

    Here is what my provider is doing for me:
    1. IPL treatments x4 (once a month x4) followed by glands being expelled (this worked for me and things were better and then I rebounded 6 months later, will re-start IPL now)

    Here is what I’ve tried already:
    1. Various other OTC eye drops (nothing works like the above ones and they barely do the trick)
    2. Other eye masks (the one above is expensive but if I apply a little pressure on level 5 it works wonders- however, I personally have never been able to expel my own oil)
    3. Restasis BID (was unable to switch from Xiidra to Restasis, I was literally crying because it burned so bad)
    4. Tear Care treatment x1 (provider said she got a large amount of oil out compared to when we were doing IPL, however, I personally didn’t notice much for the cost = $450)

    My past medical history/current medical info:
    1. Seasonal allergies + allergy eye
    2. Accutane when I was 16
    3. I have chronic migraine that I take Botox for every 3 months
    4. I now have vision changes (minor) and am back in glasses (sigh)
    5. I have no signs of facial rosacea

    I just ordered some wind barrier/moisture chamber glasses to see if that helps me. Personally, I’m struggling to keep it together because nothing I’m doing is giving me lasting relief… Hoping to see what works well for others and to try and get my life back under control… Hope you don’t mind me sharing my story.
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    Have you thougth of lipiflow? I had PRK a year ago and my issues started eight months later. My eyes were dry before I had it done and I just figure it put me from asyptomatic to symptomatic. My tear production isn't horrible, but my gland function is bad. I am just sooooo afraid of making it worse


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