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    Hi - I found this site while "googling" for Genteal Gel. Looks like a lot of us are on the hunt for it. It's nowhere to be found in my area. It's been nice finding some information on it here. In the meantime, I ordered the samples of Dwelle so I'm hoping that will be a good alternative.

    My story is a classic Lasik side effect story. I had Lasik in 2001 and have had dry eyes ever since. I'm one of the unlucky 10% or so of us that get the dry eye side effect. I still don't regret the surgery since I was SO blind, but dealing with dry eyes is a major we all know. I'm many on this site are Lasik veterans?

    I've tried most of what all of you have. Theratears Nutrition, flaxseed, plugs, numerous drops, Restasis etc. I'm still giving Restasis a try - but I'm dealing with the burning there. What's worse? Burning or dryness? The burning I think, so that might be a failure. My favorite drops so far are Theratears for daytime use and Genteal Gel Severe for night or any other time my eyes are killing me. I like any kind of drop that comes in a bottle so it isn't so wasteful and expensive. Haven't tried the Theratears Gel because of that. I might have to break down and do it yet.

    Anyone just want to take their eyeballs out of their head and soak them in Vaseline?

    Good Luck to all in finding relief!


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    Yes, yes, yes

    Anyone just want to take their eyeballs out of their head and soak them in Vaseline?
    Hi Lori,
    Many of us can relate to your situation. I've been "relating" since Jan 2000. Regarding your quote, I've never thought of soaking my eyes in Vaseline, but have often thought of taking them out and sending back to my lasik doc!

    Ordering Dwelle was probably a good choice. It's heavy duty. You may want to try using it at night and in the morning with something less potent in the daytime. ie Theratears, Dakrina, NutraTear, etc.

    I must say I'm surprised that you do not regret having your surgery. You said you were "so blind." My sight is horrible, but the biggest pain is the "dry eye pain." I regret my lasik ever so much.

    Welcome to this site. You're in lots of company.

    Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

    The Dry Eye Queen


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      Thanks for the welcome Lucy. I suppose there are days I do regret the Lasik, but the good has outweighed the bad so far. My dryness has improved somewhat throughout the years, but it's still pretty bad. I couldn't imagine going a day without drops. Wish the Restasis was working better. If only the burning would go'd be great. Oh well. I'll just hang in there and keep trying any new product I can find. I'm really hoping for success with the Dwelle...especially since I cannot find Genteal Gel.

      Glad I found this site - it looks like there is alot of good info...and unfortunately misery loves company!



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        Hello, Lmchelle. You say the dryness has improved over the years. Did you notice any improvement after the 1 year mark? I don't hear that from a lot of people. I hear it can happen, but not too many people seem to report it.
        I also had Lasik in 2004. Vision is good, although the dryness is a problem. I would take the Lasik back in a second if I could. Glasses don't seem to bad to me now!!


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          Dryness after Lasik

          Hi J...

          Yes I think my dryness improved after one year. Or was I just getting used to it? No - I think my first year after Lasik was the worst. Plus I stare at a computer all day so that is hard on me. So if you had Lasik in Oct of last year - I think there is hope for you to improve some. What have you tried? Have you tried plugs or Restasis? Plugs for me did nothing and I'm still giving Restasis an honest try, but the burning is pretty bad from that.



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            What I do...

            I have one plug in my right eye. I used to have one plug in the left and two in the right. I use 2% testosterone cream once day and take NAC/Glut. And, of course, do the warm compresses, eye scrubs and massage in the morning. I find my eyes do much better in the morning if I take a warm compress to bed with me at night also.
            It has been a year and a half since Lasik. I have improved since then, but am wondering if I could still show some improvement. I have heard that some people have, but don't know if I really know of anyone who continues to improve from this point on.


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              Originally posted by jcorbett
              I have one plug in my right eye. I used to have one plug in the left and two in the right. I use 2% testosterone cream once day and take NAC/Glut. And, of course, do the warm compresses, eye scrubs and massage in the morning.
              Forgive my ignorance but what is 2% testosterone cream and NAC/Glut? Do you think the eye scrubs and massage are effective for Lasik dry eyes? I haven't heard of that treatment before finding this website and am intrigued in trying it. I've only used drops and vitamins (which did nothing) so I'm interested in different treatments.

              Thanks for your info!



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                Hello Lmchelle

                Welcome to a great site for dry eye patients! You are in good company and will find some really great ideas here as well as a lot of people who really care about what you are going through. Everyone of us has come to this site with a dry eye problem that we probably thought we suffered alone with. But you will find so many of us here with very similar problems as you and some with even worse problems. I did not have lasik, but had R.K. surgery many years ago, and that eye (my right) is my worst problem. For some reason, the corneal scaring from the cutting has caused me some major problems in later life that I did not have right after the surgery.

                It appears that most of us have tried the Restasis and could hardly stand the burning. My own eye doctor finally tried it on himself after I told him how much it burned me and he was suprised at how bad it burned him too. I just couldn't stick with it, and from everything I have read, it doesn't seem to help in people who have plugs. Both my lower ducts are plugged. My best luck has been with GenTeal Gel at night, Systane by day and Refresh Celluvisc during a really bad day. Though I have recently ordered the Dwelle and Dakrina and have had very good results with them - Dwelle especially. Hot compresses and lid scrubs help also, though I don't seem to have as much luck with them as some of the other members do.

                Some of us have found websites from different countries that have the GenTeal Gel. If you need some information about them, please email me at


                Good luck and welcome!



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