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Dry Eye because of contacts, help!!

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  • Dry Eye because of contacts, help!!

    I'm going to describe my situation, and hopefully those of you who have experienced something similar to my my own experiences can give me some advice!

    I am a contact lens wearer, wearing Acuvue products for about the past 15 years. I haven't taken good care of my eyes over the years, most often sleeping in my contacts and not taking them out for over a month. I know, I know, but I was young and stupid. So I'm pretty sure the contacts are the source of my problems, but I don't have insurance right now so I don't know the true source of my dry eye.

    I started having problems with Dry Eye about a year to a year and a half ago while I was living in San Francisco. I was taking Wellbutrin, and I started experiencing dry eye. I did a little research, starting taking Thera Tears Omega 3 supplement, and in about one to two months my eyes went back to normal. Or so I thought.

    I moved to San Diego about 7 months ago. For the first few months, I was able to wear my contacts all day with complete comfort, and then I would take them out at night. When the fires hit, the humidity dropped so low (below 10%), I started having problems again. Previous to the fires, for about two months, I stopped taking the Thera Tears because I figured I was cured after stopping taking the Wellbutrin for months. So I started taking the pills again but to no avail. It's been five months of taking the pills, starting Eye Spa Treament (off and on), switching from Acuvue Advance to Oasys, bought two humidifiers, nothing has helped. I have used Soothe, Thera Tears, Systane, night time ointments, they don't help either. I can only wear my contact comfortably for about 3 to 4 hours, and that's on a good day. There are days where they blur my vision and sting all day long. I stopped wearing my contacts this past week, and I dunno, it might have helped a little. I live a pretty active lifestyle and I don't want to spend the rest of my life in glasses. Like I said, I don't have insurance right now for a dry eye specialist or Restasis, although I intend on paying for both of those once I land a job.

    All success stories are greatly appreciated, I'm sure everyone on this forum knows the hell of dry eyes.

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