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  • Just started Restasis

    Hi all,
    I'm a middle-aged and a one-month new RGP lens wearer. I'm having some dry eye which is causing some problems. I'm doing lid therapy and fish/flax/borage supplementation and Refresh P.M. After a month, it's a little better, but still not sufficient to keep a stable tear film all day so I'm getting lens fog. My lenses have a very low wetting angle, high dk, and fit well so my doc has done a great job there (Dr. Kita in Burlingame, CA).

    The doc gave me some Restasis samples and after reading up on it on this site and others, I was scared of the burning. I'm happy to say that after 3 days, I haven't had any burning at all. Am I experiencing a honeymoon period?

    So, is anyone having success with this stuff? How long did it take to start working, etc.?

    Thanks in advance for your kind replies. I'll be away from my computer for a week (a sorely needed vacation). In the meantime, I will search through the old threads.

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    You are very lucky you do not have burning with the Restasis. At least you will be able to keep up with it and maybe find that it does help you. I had burning immediately and never had a time when it didn't burn. My eyes burned all day long with it and then all night long after the evening dose. I just couldn't stand it. I lasted 1 and 1/2 month, and my doctor said I would probably have noticed some results in another few weeks. I just couldn't do it. Every once in a while I try it again, but it is never any different.

    Good Luck!


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      I'm an eighteen year old w/ bad dry eye who has been using Restasis since October. A lot of people complain about how much it burns, but I've hardly ever had any problems with burning and I have to use twice the recommended dosage. It usually just makes my eyes feel more refreshed and moisturized for a while. If it hasn't been burning you so far, I don't see why it would start burning you all of a sudden. I started feeling results from using Restasis a few months after taking it. Good luck with it!


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        According to Allergan's website, 17% experienced burning in the clinical trials. While that's a pretty large percentage, it still means that a large majority should NOT experience burning.

        It's natural that this board has a disproportionate number of Restasis "burnees" because, well, for the most part the people on the internet looking for more solutions are the ones for whom the frequently-prescribed solutions don't work.
        Rebecca Petris
        The Dry Eye Foundation


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          When I use restasis, for the first few days my eyes feel fine. I never experience any burning when putting the drops in. However, after a week or so, my eyes will start becoming irritated. I have tried it several does appear to be the restasis. Darn.


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            Restasis question

            I 'm back from Baja, CA and man oh man--it's hard to have dry eyes and work on adapting to my RGP lenses in that heat, in and out of the ocean, etc. I feel like I'm starting all over. Ugh.
            Thanks for sharing your Restasis experiences. I haven't seen a change yet after 2 weeks. Thank heavens for insurance--$114 for 32 units!!! This would be an expensive condition if one didn't have prescription insurance and vision care of some type. I must admit that although they say they are single use, I pop a fresh one in the morning and put in the prescribed amount, then there is so much left that I prop up the little vial where nothing is touching the tip and use the rest in the evening. I've already poured quite a bit of money down the drain in drops, cleaning systems, lenses, etc. etc. etc., so every little bit helps.
            I'm still doing the compresses and my question is (and guess I should ask my doctor, too) is using the compressses with the Restasis. I put the drops in, wait 15 or 20 minutes, then start the compresses. I'm wondering if that's smart? Will that heat affect how the drops work? Cause more irritation?
            Take care everybody,


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              My doc told me I could get a sterilized eyedropper bottle and squeeze the vials into that if I want.

              As far as burning, I have some for like an hour or so then I am usually good to go. Especially if I follow up with some Systane.


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                Good tip

                Thanks theHawke,
                I'm still not having any burning from the Restasis, but haven't really noticed any changes yet--eyes still drying out after about 2 hours. Someone recommended Soothe drops (mineral and castor oil)--those little suckers sting! I've never had any burning with anything else. The stinging does produce tears, then the stuff in Soothe is supposed to stabile the lipid layer and keep the tears from evaporating, I guess.

                Good to know that that all those drops left in the single use vials don't have to be thrown out right away. There are about 2-3 doses per vial, it seems like. I'm only using 1 drop in ea. eye at this point. I guess if you follow the directions to the letter, you will be buying a whole lot of product that gets thrown away. Hmmmm--more money for the pharmeceutical company??? Nah, they wouldn't do that.....


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                  HAH! Don't get me started on the pharma companies. Today was the first day since I started last friday that I had no stinging whatsoever with the restasis. In fact, I don't even feel any need to follow up with my systane.


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                    originally posted by theHawke:
                    My doc told me I could get a sterilized eyedropper bottle and squeeze the vials into that if I want.

                    Yeeps. I would not recommend fiddling around with the Restasis single-use vials like that. I agree that it seems like a waste to discard the extra product left in the vial after one use's best to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer. Use it once and toss the remainder.

                    "People may not always remember exactly what you said or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel." ~ Unknown


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                      I have been on restasis for about a year in a half, I get some stinging and I find little relief, but continue to use it. I have also used the unused portion in the evening........dammed if you do, dammed if you don't.
                      A recently tried "soothe" for the first time and it felt great for a few hours, but like every other product i have used, (theratears, systane, refresh, genteal, stimulate (a natural product), and refresh PM in the eve, ect......I have yet to find a product that works good on a regular basis!
                      My right eye is usually in a constant state of slightly swollen and in pain. I'm always open to suggestions. I also find my eyes more irritated after a warm compress, does anyone else experience this??
                      For all you women (I'm 48) is it true estrogen is a good source for the oil glands???


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                        Originally posted by clc
                        like every other product i have used......I have yet to find a product that works good on a regular basis!
                        Hi clc,

                        Can I ask how long you try a new product for, and whether you try it exclusively for awhile? Obviously you've given Restasis a long time but I'm wondering about the artificial tear products. Sometimes it can take a little while to adjust and get the full benefit even of an artificial tear. I know that was the case with me.

                        Personally I don't rely on just one drop. But when mixing products I think it's best to stick with products that are similarly formulated. So for example with me, I rotate between Dwelle, Dakrina and NutraTear depending how my eyes feel.

                        I also find my eyes more irritated after a warm compress, does anyone else experience this??
                        I don't, but I know other people who do. What are you doing the compress with? How hot, how long?

                        Are you taking any nutritional supplements ? are you plugged or cauterized?
                        Rebecca Petris
                        The Dry Eye Foundation


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                          Restasis use

                          I am on about my 8th doctor now, trying to find a "cure" or at least a bearable solution to our problem. I do know that every single doctor has told me that it is okay to use the Restasis more than once. They tell me to open a vial and use one drop in each eye, then stand the vial upright in something like a shot glass (where the tip doesn't touch anything else), keep it in a cool, dry place and it's good to use for as long as you need it. I've been doing that for months now and have had no problems. I also don't have any stinging or burning when I use the Restasis I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm not sure if it's actually helping me produce anymore tears, but I'm willing to keep using it until they take me off of it.

                          You are one of the first people that has mentioned their eyes being swollen in the morning. My eyes are so swollen, they are almost shut. It usually takes an hour or so for the swelling to subsidize for me to even leave the house. Other than a good hot shower and hot compresses, do you have any tips that help you with your swelling? Let me know.


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                            Have you tried COLD compresses? I find those do wonders at times...for swelling, irritation and when things just don't 'feel' right.
                            I still do the warm compresses faithfully, but the cold ones do help at times.
                            I have a cold gel pack I keep in the frig.


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                              burning issue

                              I have been using Restatis for a few months and my doctor recommended that I try using Bion Tears first to lubricate my eyes and wait a few minutes and then add the Restatis and after that, I haven't had much of a burning sensation since.Good luck!